Blockchain Wallet User Experience Survey!

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    This is Hayder, Ph.D. Researcher at KAIST University / South Korea.
    I'm a specialist in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.
    Recently, I'm working on new research to evaluate customer behavior intention on blockchain wallets. We aim to investigate the actual wallet holders and users. For this topic, we design a new proposed model measuring three critical aspects (User Experience, Usability, and Trust).
    For two years we working to design this model literature resourcing from highly respected models and journal papers. In the end, the hybrid model passed the evaluation from five Professors.
    Now it is ready to testify on actual blockchain wallet users.
    The expected practical outcomes from this research will show the actual evaluation for blockchain wallet. Moreover, bring new aspects and factors that help to evolve and enhance the blockchain wallet performance.

    The survey link is here

    Thank you and have a nice day!

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