Declaration of intention for 2nd term Steering Committee member | Joep van Deutekom | Category [self-announced]

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    Basic information
    First Name: Joep
    Last Name: van Deutekom
    Preferred Name: Ashe
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Nationality: Dutch
    Country of Residence: The Netherlands
    Contact Email:
    Social Media:
    Language: English, Dutch, and a little Chinese (HSK1-2)
    VeVID: ashe.vevid
    Are you qualified to be an independent member according to the VeChain Foundation
    Governance Charter 4.2.1 (Y/N): Y

    Raised in a medium-sized family business in The Netherlands / Europe, I have had access to executive level collaboration and decision making from a very young age onwards.

    I developed analytical and abstract learning and thinking skills in my bachelor and research master in Philosophy, after which I completed an Executive MBA to further solidify formal business knowledge, refine my performance in team settings and grow a significant network with international business leaders. I also met my current fiancé there – a wonderful Chinese lady who works as an HR consultant.

    I’ve worked as a process manager leading an ICT department to digitalize a legacy business and innovate using modern technology. I’m currently a director of operations of a retail chain, leading several teams as well as designing strategy and digital transformation. My areas of expertise include retail, strategy, academic writing, and rigorous critical thinking. In addition, I have well developed skills in business areas such as marketing, finance and operations.

    Finally, it goes without saying I’m a long-term blockchain enthusiast as well as a reliable community member and supporter of the VeChain ecosystem: I’ve been an early investor and a Mjolnir X-node holder since the start.

    Professional Certifications and Accomplishments
    Graduation of an Executive MBA in the top business school in The Netherlands – 2019
    Cum Laude graduation in Philosophy of Mind (Research Master) – 2014
    Cum Laude graduation in Philosophy (BA) – 2012
    Cum Laude graduation in a Gender Studies minor – 2012
    Several minor certificates in marketing, leadership and programming – 2015-2019

    Written Statement
    On the governance side of things, I am a highly analytical and critical thinker with a broad background in a myriad of fields. This would enable me to oversee, monitor, and add value to operations, marketing, technology development, strategy formation and execution, finance, and more. I’m confident I could be a serious partner for any of these fields to see how we could add more value for our stakeholders. I’m flexible in that I can both take the lead in such areas or support others through teamwork and rigorous critique and insight. One additional way in which I can help grow VeChain is through my knowledge of platform economics – a topic I’ve studied extensively in my EMBA and which can be applied to grow the network further.

    Using my networks in Dutch retail and international business, I can also help to expand the ecosystem in Europe. This includes business leaders in supermarkets, banks, retail consultants, non-food retailers, and more. To do so, it will be important to translate technical information into language that retailers and other non-technical industries understand. With my academic background in Philosophy and as a major change agent of a legacy retail business, I have extensive experience in making large, complex ideas simple to understand so that others see the same potential as we do, which will translate to more business development – in Europe and perhaps indirectly beyond.

    Furthermore, I’m extremely motivated to help VeChain in any way and especially so as an independent Steering Committee member. My mother passed away a few years ago – and she has always pushed me to do whatever I was truly passionate about. One such passion is blockchain, which I came into contact with roughly 5 years ago. In this blockchain space, it was soon VeChain which intrigued me the most, in part because of its close relationship with the real business world in which I grew up and spent most of my life. As such, I would be truly honoured to contribute to the blockchain space in general and VeChain specifically – something which I’ve not been able to do as much as I would like so far.

    While my age (relatively young) and country of origin (Not China but The Netherlands) may not be the most obvious choices for a Steering Committee member, I fully believe that I could help the team to unleash its full potential through diversity and offering a different and challenging outsider perspective. This makes me ideally suited to represent not just the perspective from within the VeChain Foundation (which is highly important, of course), but also other members from the ecosystem such as the community and other institutions. Plus, the Dutch and European VeChain communities in particular are quite large, which I could help leverage going forward given my background and physical location.

    Finally, I strongly believe in the values that Sunny and the VeChain Foundation have shown throughout the last few years – transparency, communication, community engagement, a positive mindset, passion, and so forth. I would be happy to help further shape and guard such values in the future of the VeChain ecosystem development.

    Given the above, I’m confident that I meet the six required qualitative criteria and can make a solid contribution to fulfilling the principle responsibilities of the Steering Committee, with which I hereby declare my intention to run for being a member of the next Steering Committee.

    Several endorsements for my attitude and abilities can be found on my Linkedin page.

    Vision Statement
    My vision for VeChain is to become the largest public blockchain in the world by 2025 – creating large amounts of value to customers, companies, policy makers, developers, the environment, token holders and investors. We can make this vision a reality by empowering others in the ecosystem to quickly and simply build VeChain applications and by onboarding companies with solutions that are scalable both within the company in question and across companies. Crucially, customers should not have to bother with blockchain technology at all – they will be using VeChain without realising that they do, so that they do not need trust nearly as much as they do today and instead simply appreciate the amount of independent transparency that VeChain can create.

    It will not be enough to merely create the opportunities for building applications, however. “Build and they will come” is a myth. We need to apply existing theories of platform economics to create a platform strategy that will grow the number of all stakeholders in the VeChain platform so that they in turn entice further growth. For instance, by carefully subsidizing certain players within the ecosystem, we may grow the amount of such players, which will make VeChain more exciting for other kinds of players, which will make the platform more useful for even more players, and so on. The beauty of such an effect (often called the ‘network effect’) is that it can help VeChain to grow exponentially in a market that has some resemblance of a ‘winner-takes-all’ dynamic – which can create tremendous value for stakeholders as we have seen with companies such as Amazon (retail platform), Facebook (content platform), Google and Apple (app store platforms), and so on. I foresee VeChain to be the major blockchain platform in a somewhat similar fashion.

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