Declaration of intention for 2nd term Steering Committee member | Sunny Lu | Existing SC member

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    Basic information

    First Name: Yang
    Last Name: LU
    Preferred Name: Sunny
    Gender (Male/Female): Male
    Age: 40
    Nationality: China
    Country of Residence: China
    Contact Email:
    Social Media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn):
    Language: English, Mandarin
    Are you qualified to be an independent member according to the VeChain Foundation Governance Charter 4.2.1 (Y/N): N

    Passion is the fuel, and learning is the engine.

    I am a believer who always keeps curiosity and passion about new innovations especially like the disruptive blockchain. I believes this technology will make the world different again, and proceeds by day to day operations.

    I have over 15 years’ management experience with a solid technical background on computer, network and communication. I have been working on large scale IT and information security projects. My most recent role prior to co-founding VeChain, was the CIO for Louis Vuitton China (part of LVMH Group).

    I was educated at Shanghai JiaoTong University and studied Electronics and Communication Engineering.

    Professional Certifications and Accomplishments
    Cisco CCNA/CCNP/CCIE 2002-2005
    Peter Drucker Academy 2007
    DRII CBCP 2009
    LVMH Global IT Academy 2013

    Written Statement
    I have been thinking over the countless long flights across continents, about the changes, the trends, the challenges to VeChain and thinking about the entire Blockchain space about how to drive such cutting-edge technology into mass adoptions to create value for people, environment, business, economics and etc. There have been many ideas and thoughts especially experiencing what we have gone through in the past 18 months after the main-net launch of VeChainThor.

    Until that day came.

    I was waken in Beijing’s hotel room by a call from my mom at 5:00am and asked me to come home ASAP and I was having a really bad feeling because I have been expecting the next day to witness a critical project launch. On the way to the airport, I got the second call and was told that my father just passed away due to heart attack two hours after he was sent to ER. I called Kevin for backup my seat in the panel and booked for an earliest flight back to home.

    My father was my friend, mentor and hero. He transmitted the best he had to me – earnest, rigorous logic, and persistence. He had amazing combination of talents to be violin teacher, electronic engineer, and computer programmer. My father had rough childhood in that difficult time but it also endowed him incredible self-learning skills and habits. He never stopped learning for his entire life. When people ask if it’s too late to learn about coding, I always share the story about how my dad start to program at 45+ years old in 1996. Such instruction and influence by his wood and deed had been around with me which I believe I can appreciate for my life. As a father, he had done his job well to feed the family and raise me to be a person with good and strong heart.

    And since I told him I decided to go all-in into Blockchain 6 years ago, he start to spend lots of time reading about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and try to figure out what the things are and how the things work like the consensus mechanisms, timestamps, mining, data block and etc. just like any engineer. I still remember the night when I told my parents my decision to quit CIO job and be a startup, he was silent for couple of minutes and then said, “Son, your mom and I only need one small apartment to live, and this house could be sold anytime to support you. The only thing you need to do is to ask.”.

    The most important thing I learned from my father is to believe in great good and persistent efforts to make it happen inevitably. “You just need to try harder, son.” He said to me for countless times. “You just have to fight for it till the last blood drop.” I just realized the inner passion and motivation I have is from that, all of that passed from my father.

    I believe in VeChain is able to start a campaign for better world by leveraging Blockchain technology. And this mission has to be done with as many people as it should have to unit in a trust-free world. We figured out the right path to achieve it from what we have learned and gained over the last 18 months fighting days and nights despite good or bad things surrounded. All I need to do is to be obstinate to follow my passion and persistence to motivate brothers and sisters in the VeChain team and VeFam to reach the finish line.

    In memory of my friend, mentor, and father, I am declaring here to run the next steering committee.

    I decide not to ask for any endorsement at least for this time. In the past a few years, we just get VeChain started and can barely count some achievements. There are still lots of things to do and real success waiting ahead of us which shall be my endorsement.

    Vision Statement
    VeChainThor is to be the leading public Blockchain infrastructure to run valuable transactions to support any initiative for people’s life, environment, and business.

    And VeChain Ecosystem shall be combined with multiple different players such as institutions and organizations, enterprises, developers, investors, and end users who devote to contribute to build up a trust free world for better collaborations and values with proper governance and economic motivations.

    As public blockchain protocol to vast applications in many territories, VeChain shall be used by public every day and never even be known.

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