Declaration of intention for 2nd term Steering Committee member | Rui (Margaret) Zhu | Existing SC member

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    Basic information

    First Name: Rui
    Last Name: Zhu
    Preferred Name: Margaret
    Gender (Male/Female): Female
    Age: 39
    Nationality: China
    Country of Residence: China
    Contact Email:
    Social Media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn):
    Language: Chinese, English
    Are you qualified to be an independent member according to the VeChain Foundation Governance Charter 4.2.1 (Y/N): Y

    Dr. Margaret Zhu is an assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the department of finance. Before joining the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she also serves as an assistant professor at the City University of Hong Kong. She got her Ph.D. degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin, a master’s degree in economics from Indiana University and a bachelor’s degree in international finance from Fudan University.
    Dr. Zhu has been studying and doing research in economics and finance for many years. Her research interest includes Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Fintech, and cryptocurrencies. Dr. Zhu has published many papers in top academic journals and international major conferences. She has been supervised three Ph.D. students conducting research in different areas in finance. She also holds memberships in different academic and industry associations.
    Dr. Zhu has been served as an independent member of the Steering Committee since November 2016. She helps in drafting the governance charter and developing and testing the economic model of the VTHO blockchain ecosystem. Dr. Zhu also helps the development of the research center of Fintech at the City University of Hong Kong and helps developing new curriculums in the area of fintech and cryptocurrency. She has been teaching students in the Master of Finance programs at the City University of Hong Kong, Master of Fintech programs and Master of Accountancy programs at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    Professional Certifications and Accomplishments
    Certification: Charted Financial Analyst®, Charter holder, since 2015
    Publication: “Do Firms Use Interim CEOs as Caretakers Only?”, 2019, Journal of Corporate Finance.
    Conference presentation and publications:

    • American Finance Association annual meeting, January 2012;

    • World Finance and Banking Symposium, December 2012;

    • The 2012 International Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, June 2012;

    • XMU-UNCC 2012 international Symposium on Risk Management, June 2012;

    • The 2013 International Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, June 2013;

    • 2014 CityU Finance Conference, June 2014;

    • World Finance and Banking Symposium, December 2014;

    • The Second IFMA International Conference on Finance, December 2014;

    • 28th Australian Finance and Banking Conference, December 2015;

    • 2015 Auckland Finance Meeting, December 2015;

    • 2016 CityU of Hong Kong International Finance Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, (presented by co-author)

    • 2017 Chinese Financial Annual Meeting, (presented by co-author)

    • 2017AsianFA Conference, (presented by co-author)

    • 2017 FMA Annual Meeting, (presented by co-author)

    • 2018 Paris Financial Management Conference, December 2018;

    • 2019 Financial Management Association annual meeting

    Research Grant:

    • Strategic Research Grant, City University of Hong Kong, annually, 2012-2018;

    • Research Grant, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2019-2020

    Written Statement

    I have expertise and skills in economics and finance, data analysis and risk management. I have helped in drafting the governance charter and developing and testing the economic model of the VTHO blockchain ecosystem. I would contribute to the Steering Committee, VeChain Foundation and the VeChain ecosystem by advising, and supporting the Foundation in designing, testing and evaluating different investment, financing, operational proposals and policies.

    As an independent member of the steering committee, I would serve as an intermediary and inspection for other directors. I would also be available to the ecosystem members besides the normal channels of communications if they have concerns with the policies of the Steering Committee and VeChain Foundation. I would constructively challenge and help develop proposals of strategy; scrutinize the performance in meeting agreed goals and objectives; and monitor the fair disclosure process of key information to the entire ecosystem.

    Vision Statement

    My vision for the VeChain Blockchain ecosystem is: Valuable, Ecumenical, Collaborative, Harmonious, Accountable, Innovative, and Nurturing.
    I believe the priority and strategies for the VeChain ecosystem is:

    1. To expand user cases in different industries as well in the established retail authentication industry.
      a. To designate specific teams (collaborated or delegated) for different industries. Each team should include an R&D unit to research, design and develop the product and service catering to the industry need, and a Marketing and PR unit to collect information on the industry demand, reach to the potential customers/collaborators and increase awareness in the industry.
      b. The potential industries include Medicine, Trade credit financing, Utilities, Media and entertainment, real estate, etc.
    2. To develop more collaborated relationships with city-, district- or community-level governments to engage in the development of the Digital City and Digital Government.
    3. To expand more media coverage on use cases, especially focus on the media that has large user-coverage.
    4. To expand into other Asian regions, such as Thailand, Philipps, and other southeast Asian markets.
    5. To generate research reports on the use cases in the VeChain ecosystem emphasizing the economic value enhancement of each case and possible spillover effects to their related industries—along the supply chain and the competitors. The reports will help existing and potential customers, developers, and government authorities understand the value of the blockchain ecosystem.
    6. To conduct surveys among existing customers, developers, and collaborators about the potential user-experience-enhancing areas that VeChain blockchain can improve. That includes underlying technical features, technical support and services.

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