Declaration of intention for 2nd term Steering Committee member | Ziheng (Peter) Zhou | Existing SC member

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    Basic information

    First Name: Ziheng
    Last Name: Zhou
    Preferred Name: Peter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40
    Nationality: Chinese
    Country of Residence: China
    Contact Email:
    Social Media: Twiter: @PeterZh47977516 / Linkedin:
    Language: Chinese, English
    Are you qualified to be an independent member according to the VeChain Foundation Governance Charter 4.2.1 (Y/N): No


    Dr. Zhou received his B.Sc in Computer Science from the Shanghai Jiaotong University, China in 2002 and Ph.D in Computer Vision from the University of Southampton, UK in 2007. From then on, he joined the University of Kent, UK and University of Oulu, Finland as a postdoctoral and senior researcher, respectively, and carried out research in the areas of computer vision and machine learning. He joined VeChain as the Chief Scientist and Partner in July 2017.

    Inside VeChain, Dr. Zhou has been taking the leading role in the internal research and external collaborations on blockchain technologies, resulting in numerous academic papers and patent applications. He is a current member of the Board of Steering Committee of the VeChain Foundation and has been chairing the Technical Committee, overseeing the development of VeChain’s blockchain technology. He has been an active writer who writes media articles and tutorials to communicate the blockchain technologies developed at VeChain to the community as well as the general public.

    Professional Certifications and Accomplishments

    Research on Blockchain

    • [Academic Papers]

    [1] Zhou, J., F. Tang, H. Zhu, N. Nan & Z. Zhou (2018) Distributed Data Vending on Blockchain. Proc. IEEE Int’l Conf. Internet of Things (iThings) and IEEE Green Comput. Commun. (GreenCom) and IEEE Cyber, Physical, Social Comput. (CPSCom) and IEEE Smart Data (SmartData). DOI: 10.1109/Cybermatics_2018.2018.00201

    [2] Wang X., X. Liu, Z. Zhao, X. Wang, Z. Zhou & Y. Mo (2018) 区块链综述: 技术与挑战. 无线电通信技术, No. 6.

    [3] Bai, C, T. White, L, Xiao, V.S. Subrahmanian & Z. Zhou (2019) C2P2: A Collective Cryptocurrency Up/Down Price Prediction Engine. Proc. IEEE Int’l Conf. Blockchain. DOI: 10.1109/Blockchain.2019.00065

    [4] Liu X., G. Zhao, X. Wang, Y. Lin, Z. Zhou, H. Tang & B. Chen (2019) MDP-Based Quantitative Framework for Proof of Authority. Proc. 2019 Int’l Conf. Cyber-Enabled Distributed Computing and Knowledge Discovery (CyberC).

    [5] Zhao, G, X. Wang, Z. Xie, J. He, X. Liu, X. Wang, Z. Zhou, Z. Tian, Q. Tang & R. Nie (2019) 智能合约安全综述:漏洞分析. 广州大学学报(自然科学版), Vol. 18, No. 3.

    [6] Ren, Z. and Z. Zhou (2020) SURFACE: A Practical Blockchain Consensus Algorithm forReal-Life Networks.

    • [Pending Patents]

    [1] Gu, J., Z. Zhou & Y. Lu (2017) Methods, Medium, IoT Device, Block Chain Platform and IoT System for Recording Transportation Data of Object. (CN 201711483635.1 / US 16/235,589 / EP 19150103.0)

    [2] Tian, X., J. Gu & Z. Zhou (2018) Methods, Device, Blockchain Node, Computer-Readable Media and System For Carbon Recording and trading Based on Block Chain. (CN 201810022602.5 / PCT/CN2019/071066)

    [3] Chen, Y., J. Gu & Z. Zhou (2018) Methods, application server, block chain node and media for logistics tracking and source tracing. (CN 201810157282.4 / PCTCN/2019/075773)

    [4] Chen, Y., J. Gu & Z. Zhou (2018) Methods, Application Server, IoT Device and Media For Implementing IoT Services. (CN 201810078175.2 / PCT/CN2019/073518)

    [5] Qian, B., J. Gu & Z. Zhou (2018) Blockchain Platforms With Multi-Layer Payment Model, Transaction Model With Improved Logic and Multi-Task Capability, and POA Protocols and Methods of Using the Same. (US 62/659,917 / US 62/664,981)

    [6] Gu, J., Z. Zhou & W. Wang (2018) Method, Device and Medium For Protecting Work Based On Blockchain. (CN 201810215232.7)

    [7] Qian, B., J. Gu & Z. Zhou (2019) Transaction Processing. (PCT/SG2019/050222)

    [8] Qian, B., J. Gu & Z. Zhou (2019) Blockchain Transaction Processing. (PCT/SG2019/050223)

    [9] Zhou, Z. (2019) A voting method and device based on blockchain and zero-knowledge proof. (CN 201911039149.X)

    [10] Zhao, G., X. Wang, D. Zhou, Z. Xie, J. He & Z. Zhou (2019) A smart contract testing method based on control flow path coverage sufficiency. (CN 201910154575.1)

    [11] Zhao, G., X. Wang, Z. Zhou, X. Liu, X. Wang, Z. Mo (2019) Methods, systems and media for data provenance based on smart contracts. (CN 201910167609.0)

    Highlights on Previous Research]

    [1] Zhou, Z., X. Hong, G. Zhao & M. Pietikainen (2014) A review of recent advances in visual speech decoding. Image and Vision Computing, 32: 590-605.

    [2] Zhou Z., X. Hong, G. Zhao & M. Pietikäinen (2014) A compact representation of visual speech data using latent variables. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), 36(1): 181-187.

    [3] Y. Guo, G. Zhao, Z. Zhou & M. Pietikäinen (2013) Video texture synthesis with multi-frame LBP-TOP and diffeomorphic model. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP), 22(10), pp. 3879-3891.

    [4] Zhou Z., G. Zhao, Y. Guo & M. Pietikäinen (2012) An image-based visual speech animation system. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT), 22(10), pp. 1420-1432.

    [5] Zhou, Z., A. Prugel-Bennett & R. Damper (2006) A Bayesian framework for extracting human gait using strong prior knowledge. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), 28(11), pp. 1738-1752.


    Sarah Nabaa, VP, SE Asia & Australia, VeChain.
    Endorsement letter link

    Gansen Zhao, Professor, Deputy Head of the School of Computer Science, South China Normal School, China.
    Endorsement letter link

    Written Statement

    I have been a member of the Board of Steering Committee of the VeChain Foundation for the past two years. The followings are my experiences that would certainly benefit the Foundation:

    • Chaired the Technical Committee under the Board, overseeing and safeguarding the development of VeChain’s blockchain technology
    • Led the internal research on blockchain, resulting in, for instance, the proposal of PoA 2.0, VIP-193 and various patent applications
    • Led the collaborations with external research institutions on various blockchain-related research projects (see the publications listed above for details)
    • Communicated VeChain’s blockchain technologies to the community and general public
      • Co-authored VeChain White Paper 1.0 and 2.0
      • Authored the article series “What you might not know about VeChainThor yet”
      • Authored “Towards next-generation Proof-of-Authority Consensus”

    Here are what I could contributed to the development of VeChain ecosystem if I was re-elected:

    • To chair the Technical Committee to safeguard the future blockchain development
    • To lead the internal research team to push for innovations that solve real-world problems and accelerate the mass public adoption of VeChain technology
    • To connect the Foundation with the academic world to allow the VeChain ecosystem to benefit from the cutting-edge research in blockchain and related areas
    • To communicate VeChain’s future technology development to the community and general public

    Vision Statement

    Without any doubt, VeChain will continue to thrive in future. It is dictated by its team’s ruthless pursue of mass adoption of blockchain technology, its deep collaborations with tens of hundreds of enterprises across various industries, its essential partnership with DNV-GL and, last but not least, its dedicated community.

    From a technical point of view, what I can foresee is the constant evolution of VeChain’s blockchain technology to enable its mass adoption. In this year, VeChain’s blockchain platform will undergo a major upgrade of its consensus algorithm, shifting from PoA 1.0 to PoA 2.0. The newly designed consensus algorithm will significantly enhance the security, stability and efficiency of the blockchain platform. It will serve as the solid foundation for the future expansion of the whole ecosystem and pave the way for efficient cross-chain technology.

    VeChain’s blockchain solution will become more and more flexible to fully engage with real-world businesses. For use cases that requires, for instance, unusual high transaction frequency or enhanced features demanded by local regulations, I would expect the team to roll out targeted solutions based on customized consortium chains. Instead of being an isolated system, these sub-chain systems would be connected, via the main net, to the whole ecosystem thanks to the by then implemented cross-chain technologies.

    In summary, I strongly believe that VeChain ecosystem will continue to grow at an ever-faster pace in future. My confidence comes from my knowledge of VeChain’s team and its blockchain technologies, its balanced governing model as well as its increasing engagement with the real business world.

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