Template: Declaration of intention for 2nd term Steering Committee member | your full name | Category [self-announced]

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    Basic information
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Preferred Name:
    Gender (Male/Female):
    Country of Residence:
    Contact Email:
    Social Media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn):
    VeVID (for self-announced candidates, please complete the KYC and obtain a VeVID on
    portal.vechain.com before posting the declaration of intention):

    Are you qualified to be an independent member according to the VeChain Foundation
    Governance Charter 4.2.1 (Y/N):

    [A high level introduction of yourself. Please indicate your background, areas of expertise,
    skills, working experiences, education, etc]

    Professional Certifications and Accomplishments
    [Please indicate the professional certifications you hold and accomplishments achieved such as publications, patents, honor and award, and the year you obtained them.]

    Written Statement
    [Please elaborate what makes you qualify to be a Steering Committee member, how your
    experience can benefit the VeChain Foundation, what you would do to contribute to the
    development of VeChain ecosystem if you were elected.]

    [Please include (if any) endorsements from your colleagues, mentor, business partners or
    clients on your experiences, core competency and so on. Please mention the name and title
    of the person endorses you.]

    Vision Statement
    [Please state your vision for the VeChain ecosystem.]

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