Concluded:[Developer Bounty] - X Node and Economic Node Management Application

  • Now users can import wallets form Ledger hardware wallet, transfer VET, sign transactions in VeChain Sync v1.2.0. Sync itself is designed to provide minimum functionalities such as private key management and transaction signing, however with the built-in browser and blockchain node connection users are able to access any VeChain dApps and call the functions with their address.

    With the decommission of VeForge Vault, we noted that Ledger users do not have an user-friendly interface to manage their nodes. Therefore, we are now offering $1,000+ USD equivalent VET bounty for an open source dApp based on the VeChainThor node smart contracts and Connex, to manage x nodes and economic nodes via Sync and VeChainThor mobile wallet browser. The first version of the dApp are expected to have the following functions:

    • Check the node status

    • Upgrade the node status

    • Direct transfer of the node status NFT

    • Bind Ledger hardware wallet to VeChainThor mobile wallet as “observe address”

    Developers can submit your detailed plan via the online form before Nov 25, 2019 (UTC+8). Our bounty administration team will evaluate the plans and assign it to one of the teams.

    VeChainThor wallet is one user interface which uses VeChainThor node smart contract. Developers can download VeChainThor wallet from App store(iOS/Andriod)and read the VechainThor wallet introduction document to be familiar with the features.

    Check out the Developer Information Center for technical documentation and Official Gitter Developer Channel to find the development resources. Please make sure you have read and agree to the rules of VeChain Bounty programs. For any question, please contact

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