Overview of VeResearch, a global research grant grogram focused on innovative blockchain technologies and VeChainThor expansion

  • Building products with the long term in mind is rarely the result of accepting your own understanding as complete — innovation hardly ever is. The VeChain ecosystem is much the same, it is ever growing, and will be ever changing as technology and adoption continue to grow. VeChain aims to integrate blockchain into all available frontiers to truly disrupt, evolve, and pioneer a new way for the world to do business — the right way. This goal is expansive, growing, and changing daily. And, it is with this understanding that VeChain has to grow and adapt at even faster rate.

    Currently, our Chief Scientist, Mr. Zhou Ziheng and Senior Blockchain Technology Researcher, Dr. Ren Zhijie , run a lab here at the VeChain headquarters. This lab has produced technological breakthroughs for utilization in VeChain’s public infrastructure, and is developing a variety of different solutions for enterprise use across a spectrum of industries. We could not be more pleased with our team’s performance, growth, and pace. However, in order to achieve what the Foundation has set out to accomplish, we need to join forces with an entire community of contributors and partners. In this effort, VeChain has set out to pioneer the creation of new research frontiers across the world.

    It is, and will always be, our goal to empower everyone as VeChain continues to grow. It is with this mindset that we are having our global research grant program, aptly named, VeResearch.

    The goal of VeResearch is to build a global grant program that engages in research with academic communities to do collaborative research for blockchain-related technological advancement. VeChain creates a large pool of funding to allocate to parties interested in joining forces with VeChain to research and develop new technologies. The goal sis to collaborate with top universities and research labs from around the world.

    Current Research Partners

    We are pleased to let our community know that we already have 8 of the top universities around the world participating in this program, tackling research topics which will shape the future of our global economy.

    City University of Hong Kong

    The Foundation has been working closely with Dr. Margaret Zhu, an assistant professor at the Department of Economics and Finance, City University of Hong Kong, on a range of research topics including the on-chain economic and governance models, foundation governance model, blockchain/crytocurrency evaluation models, etc.

    Dartmouth College

    There have been two research projects funded by the Foundation at the Department of Computer Science, Dartmouth College. One project, led by Prof. David Kotz, is aimed to explore the use of blockchain technologies to build decentralized healthcare data systems and the other, supervised by Prof. V.S. Subrahmanian, to investigate the impact of social media on the crypto market.

    Media Lab, MIT

    VeChain Foundation has become a corporate member of the Media Lab at MIT. It is the only member that not only focuses on the blockchain technologies but also has launched a public blockchain platform. The foundation is determined to support the multidisciplinary research carried out in the lab.

    Michigan State University

    Prof. Jiayu Zhou has been leading the research collaboration at the Department of Computer Science, Michigan State University. His research focuses on combining machine learning and artificial intelligence with blockchain technologies to tackle real-world data-related problems.

    Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

    A research fund has been contributed by the Foundation at the College of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. It is currently under the supervision of Prof. Wenbin Wang and is aimed to fund the research on the blockchain ecosystem design methodology.

    Stanford University

    The Foundation has funded the VeChain Graduate Fellowship in Stanford's Computer Science Department. The fellowship sponsors the research of graduate students at the department and is currently supervised by Prof. Dan Boneh who is leading the Applied Cryptography Group.

    South China Normal University (SCNU)

    A joint research lab, named the SCNU-VeChain Joint Lab on Blockchain Technology and Applications has been established at the Department of Computer Science, South China Normal University. The lab is led by Prof. Gansen Zhao and joined by seven other faculty members from the department.

    University of Oxford

    The Foundation has funded one research project at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. The project will be co-supervised by Prof. Hanqing Jin and Dr. Ning Wang. The tentative topic is to use machine learning methods to develop a better on-chain governance model for VeChainThor.

    Join VeResearch Program

    We welcome qualified professors from leading universities and professional researchers from all fields who are interested in blockchain or blockchain integration to contact us and apply to be a part of the VeResearch Program.

    Apply by sending an initial email to us at veresearch@vechain.com with:

    • Your name(s), background and published papers.
    • Your school(s)/research center of affiliation.
    • Your proposed topic of research — please state how this research can benefit blockchain technology advancement OR mass adoption in business and government.
    • Your progress so far into these fields if any.
    • Your work phone number and email address.

    With the VeResearch Program, VeChain is one-step closer to empowering everyone through VeChain Thor. With the support of external academic and research facilities, VeChain will be able to adapt to new technologies and tackle new and unique use cases for interoperable business ecosystems. Please consider applying or sharing this opportunity with those who can partner with VeChain.

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