Article 4 of 4 - The ToolChain Developer Version: Investigating VeChain’s Software Development Solution for Enterprises

  • In the 2nd and 3rd articles we explained how the Standard and Partner versions of ToolChain allow both smaller and larger enterprises to fulfill their various business needs. It is essential for any business to continue to expand their brand’s reputation by providing customers with full transparency. Today we will go into more detail and analyze the attributes of the Developer version of ToolChain. This version allows enterprise clients with strong technical knowledge to create and deploy software and dApps (Decentralized Applications) on the VeChainThor Blockchain. Developers want a service that allows them to quickly, securely and efficiently fulfill their needs.

    ToolChain’s developer version was built specifically for software engineers to enable them to utilize different types of Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and Software Development Kits (SDK’s). The developer version also includes specialized documents that give specific directions to correctly address any problems developers may be faced with during this process. This includes an AIP user guide to help them customize their own API’s and other features. As noted below, the SDK can also be utilized to scan VeChain ID’s in order to conduct safety verification processes through the user’s smart phone.

    The Developer Version of ToolChain gives software engineers the ability to work with a variety of Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and Software Development Kits (SDK’s) to allow developers to deploy their own customized apps on the VeChainThor Blockchain. The Developer version is compromised of 6 different products and includes:

    1. VeChain’s Blockchain Core Service: The ToolChain Developer version allows clients to connect directly to the VeChainThor Blockchain by using it to harness its amazing computing power, immutability, flexibility, and scalability for their enterprise business needs.

    2. ToolChain API User's Guide: This information is provided so software developers have a general criterion to consult to help them develop Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) to modify software for specific uses cases.

    3. VeChain ID Purchasing Module (QR Code/NFC/RFID Chip): These special tags are attached by the client to different products before shipment to retailers and customers. The data throughout this process uploaded via the VeChain Work mobile application by employees and then stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain so it is able to be read by the end customer using the VeChain Pro mobile application before purchase.

    4. SDK, which can be used to scan VeChain ID and conduct safety verification automatically, and Connection Manual (iOS/Android Version): This special Software Development Kit (SDK) is utilized for scanning the VeChain ID of specific users and allows them to conduct safety verification seamlessly; this product also includes a connection manual that explains how to connect the SDK to iOS and Android smart phones.

    5. QR Code Generating Software: The QR Code Generating Software is used to create secure, diverse and secure QR codes that are then used to track specific products during the supply chain management process when being shipped from location to location.

    6. VID Batch Management Hand-held Device: This handheld device is used to easily organize products with specific VeChain ID’s that are linked to QR codes as well as NFC/RFID chips on products into groups or batches. The device helps write and connect the data to the VeChainThor Blockchain through the computerized platform and Developer version of ToolChain.

    The ToolChain developer version makes use of QR Code generating software that is fully integrated into the system and can utilize VeChain ID batch management with a hand-held device that comes with the kit. NFC and RFID chips are also connected to the software system which use the VeChain ID. This unique solution cuts down on the time it takes for software engineers to create dApps and software; which in turn, saves enterprises resources, time and money.

    As noted in the last article; the Standard, Developer and Partner versions of ToolChain can be utilized with Amazon Web Services or Alibaba Cloud depending on the client’s current cloud management system. Many of the capabilities of the developer version are actually used by the customizable Partner version of ToolChain to re-write parts of the menu and other sections of the computerized software interface.

    Software Development Kits (SDK’s) and Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) created by the VeChain ToolChain Developer version can be utilized in the real-world to create software and dApps that can be used for many different intangible and tangible assets. Tangible assets are defined as any physical object in the real world that you can hold or touch. Examples of tangible assets include artisanal goods, cars, smart homes and appliances, machinery, and furniture as well as various other products.

    While intangible assets are assets that cannot be physically touched and include the management of patents, copyrights and trademarks as well as digital identification, suffrage and proof of citizenship. They can also include various high-tech applications such as DNA and blood testing analysis or any type of information that is stored on a database utilizing specialized computer code. Many intangible assets use smart contracts to execute specific tasks when certain circumstances are met. The software and dApps created by the partner version can be harnessed to integrate and interact directly with both tangible and intangible assets to monitor various types of data sets in real-time.

    Generally, the ToolChain Developer Version is not used with the VeChain Work and VeChain Pro mobile applications. This technology can be leveraged if a user chooses to customize these mobile applications for a specific type of business or use-case. As well, Decentralized Applications (dApps) built with the Developer version of ToolChain can be used for nearly any use case imaginable.

    From Banking and Finance, to International Trade, as well as Energy Management, Real Estate, Insurance, and Healthcare this solution remains a step ahead of their competitors. Decentralized Applications can also be utilized for use-cases related to Fundraising, Notary management, Food Safety, Intellectual Property Rights, Cloud Storage, Cyber Security, and much more.

    The developer version of ToolChain provides cutting-edge development services for software engineers that demand a reliable and robust service to complete their projects efficiently and correctly. VeChainThor’s Blockchain has quickly become one of the most reliable, secure, and advanced blockchain systems in the world. When VeChain focuses on completing a goal they don’t stop till the complete product represents the highest of standards in the industry.

    Human beings cannot realize their utmost potential unless they have something to strive for each day. VeChain’s blockchain project is quickly changing the world and mirrors this concept in everything they do. Once again, VeChain continues to innovate where others cannot, by providing a game-changing solution that provides both hardware and software capabilities together to streamline the supply chain management process for businesses across the globe. This now concludes the analysis of the 3 main versions of ToolChain. Thank You


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