[Bounty - ongoing] VTHO Subsidy

  • The VeChainThor blockchain’s two token-system is designed to balance the market volatility and the cost of using blockchain. Before the supply and demand of the exponentially growing market activities agree on a point, we will continue to see market correcting and adjusting itself with fluctuations in the VTHO price. The VeChain Foundation and Steering Committee are observing closely on this matter. Economic model analysis and continuous optimization are the key initiatives on the Steering Committee’s agenda.

    To enable the developers in the ecosystem better focus their talent in building projects for the community, the Foundation decided to launch a VTHO subsidy program and the updated VeChainThor Supercharger program.

    The Foundation will subsidize all developers who run applications on the VeChainThor blockchain 50% of the total VTHO consumed via their applications’ transactions. The Foundation will review, provide, and announce the subsidy on a bi-weekly basis in the VeChainWorld forum. The subsidy program will be a longterm reward until a termination announcement is made by the VeChain Foundation.

    Applications eligible for this bounty must meet all of the following criteria:

    • The application is added to the VeChainWorld Application Hub
    • Only addresses included in the application info of the Application Hub will be recorded for this bounty (if the addresses are not complete, please update your application information through the application hub)
    • Projects are not running on VeChain’s blockchain as a service infrastructure (such as VeChain ToolChain)
    • The VTHO consumed via the application is not sponsored via the VeChainThor Supercharger Bounty Program

    However, we reserve the rights disqualify an application, if, determined by the program administration team that the submission violates the rules or is deemed as duplicated, abuse or fake information.

    Check out the Developer Information Center for technical documentation and Official Gitter Developer Channel to find the development resources. Please make sure you have read and agree to the rules of VeChain Bounty programs. For any question, please contact bounty@vechain.com.

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