Article 3 of 4 - The ToolChain Standard Version: Diving Deeper into VeChain’s Enterprise Platform for Small Businesses

  • In the second article of the series we looked at how VeChain’s Partner version of ToolChain allowed larger enterprises to streamline their business practices in a diverse range of industries. The main function of the ToolChain Standard version is to provide a simplistic, reliable, efficient and secure means of tracking a company’s products at all times during the supply chain management process. This article will analyze the 2nd of 3 ToolChain products and explain the ToolChain Standard version in more detail to better understand this cutting-edge technology.

    The Standard version is perfectly suited for small business that are not overly complex because of a diverse range of attributes. With the platform’s power, ease of use and capability to connect directly to the VeChainThor Blockchain it is much simpler for small businesses to record inventory, sales figures, growth rates; as well as revenue and other detailed data metrics that directly enhance productivity. It is extremely critical for small enterprises to strengthen the reputation of their brand to stand out from their competitors. By utilizing blockchain technology in their business model it shows customers that trust, quality and authenticity is important to their company and that they value their clients.

    The link directly below connects to the VeChain Foundation’s YouTube channel and explains how the Standard version of ToolChain works (in the 5th video of the 12-video series). ToolChain Standard is a vertically integrated solution that allows business owners to utilize a web portal management platform that gives users the ability to manage their product SKU’s and orders in unison with the VeChain mobile Work application. This system allows businesses to scan their goods and upload traceability data directly to the blockchain. It also helps clients to manage their VID and specific management modules on the computerized platform simplifying all aspects of their business.

    It should be noted that the Standard, Developer and Partner versions of ToolChain have two main variants that can be used with either Alibaba Cloud or Amazon Web Services. The Standard version of ToolChain is generally used for smaller businesses that do not need customization options that are needed for large multinational corporations. It also does not fulfill the needs of the Developer version that is generally used by software engineers.

    The Standard Version of the ToolChain kit is a low code/no code blockchain-specific solution that was created specifically for anti-counterfeit traceability and supply chain management systemization of small businesses. It is made up of 10 products that allow enterprises to fulfill these needs; and includes:

    1. VeChain’s Blockchain Core Service: The ToolChain Standard version allows clients to connect directly to the VeChainThor Blockchain by using it to harness its amazing computing power, immutability, flexibility, and scalability for their enterprise business needs.

    2. VeChain ID Purchasing Module (QR Code/NFC/RFID chip): These special tags are attached by the client to different products before shipment to retailers and customers. The data throughout this process is uploaded via the VeChain Work mobile application by employees and then stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain so it is able to be read by the end customer using the VeChain Pro mobile application before purchase.

    3. Product Management Module: The Product Management Module is used by the Standard version of ToolChain to customize product management practices within the platform.

    4. Logistics Management Module: The Logistics Management Module is used by the Standard version of ToolChain to customize logistics management practices within the platform.

    5. Personnel, Institution, and Access Management Module: The Personnel, Institution and Access Management Module is used by the Standard version of ToolChain to customize personnel, institution and access management practices within the platform.

    6. QR Code Generating Software: The QR Code Generating software is used to create diverse and secure QR codes that are then used to track specific products during the entire supply chain management process.

    7. Business Management Module: The Business Management Module is used by the Standard version of ToolChain to facilitate various business and enterprise management practices on the platform.

    8. VeChain Work App: The VeChain Work mobile app is used by businesses to upload supply chain management information such as traceability data to the blockchain taken from each step in the production, distribution and manufacturing/harvesting process.

    9. VeChain Pro App: The VeChain Pro mobile application is meant to be used by the customer to learn about the entire lifecycle of the product before purchase.

    10. Product Display H5: This allows for simplified integration from the Standard version of the ToolChain management platform to utilize photographs and videos that can be displayed on a user’s mobile phone through the VeChain Pro mobile application.

    As mentioned above, the ToolChain Standard version comes with logistics and product management modules built into the system so that enterprises can enter the names of their products along with special codes (for RFID & NFC tags and QR Codes with SKU integration) in order to keep track of their products throughout the entire supply chain process. The RFID & NFC tags and/or QR Codes are attached to each individual product before shipment so the whole system works as one. This tracking and data traceability system means greater efficiency which translates to more profit and satisfied customers in shorter timeframes; thus, speeding up the productivity of the entire business.

    Personnel, institution and access modules allow enterprises to keep track of their staff and different divisions of their companies. These modules are utilized to allow access to information for employees such as login info and personnel task and time management systems for the company. The business management module provides enterprises with a more efficient way of keeping track of various financial data such as payroll, cash flows, balance sheets and other personal and corporate information.

    Exceptionally wealthy consumers will generally pay a premium for products that are extremely rare and of the highest quality. Artisanal goods such as custom-made jewellery, custom-made musical instruments, haute couture clothing and specialized lingerie are all examples of artisanal goods that take superior craftsmanship and knowledge to produce. Other examples include; natural and organic beauty products, crystal or fine-wood bathtubs, custom-made furniture, high-quality foods, rare styles of tea and coffee, specialty champagnes, wines and whiskeys as well as natural and organic perfume and cosmetic products. Impeccable quality allows artists to charge high and sometime outrageous prices, with these prices comes high demand from consumers. What better way to ensure piece of mind by allowing customers to track the entire production and/or distribution process on the blockchain by scanning a tag on the product with the VeChain Pro mobile application before purchase.

    The first example we will look at that combines the entire ToolChain Standard version as well as the VeChainThor Blockchain is Australia’s Latitude 28 produce. They are a small but very high-quality beef producer that caters directly to Chinese customers that are willing to pay more for a premium product. Located just outside of Perth, Latitude 28 applies RFID, NFC and/or QR Code technology in all of its packaging to ensure customers that the beef they are buying meets their standards. The company harnesses a Direct to Customer (D2C) business model and does not use large intermediary bodies to distribute its beef to its clients. Latitude 28 uses the Standard version of ToolChain because it is a smaller and less complex business that concentrates on quality and customer service.

    Japan’s Fuji Marumo Tea has also partnered with VeChain to utilize their blockchain technology. The company attaches RFID tags to every box of tea prior to shipment in order to monitor product locations and quality in real-time throughout the entirety of the supply chain process. Japanese tea culture has an exceptionally rich history dating as far back as the 9th century. Preparing traditional tea has for centuries been one of the most important traditional practices amongst Japanese society. Some varieties of tea sell for thousands of dollars per Kilogram because of the scarcity of natural ingredients and specialized production methods. Marumo must continue to meet its sacred obligation to its customers to prove the quality and authenticity of their product in order to provide the best service possible.

    Olive Times is a Chinese company that is also leveraging VeChain’s Blockchain technology and ToolChain’s Standard version. Similarly to Latitude 28, Olive Times caters to clients in China that are willing to pay a premium for quality and peace of mind. Trust, integrity and a great product is of the highest importance to Olive Times. The strong reputation of Olive Times allows their business to get their olive oil consistently into the hands of specialized chefs and affluent customers.

    When smaller enterprises want a solution they can count on, they turn to VeChain’s Standard version of ToolChain; thus, keeping one-step ahead of their competition. There is no other system currently on the market that can compete with ToolChain and VeChainThor’s Blockchain technology to securely track products throughout the entirety of the supply chain management process. The usability of the platform, its adaptability, immense computing power and the quality of service that VeChain continues to offer is second-to-none.

    VeChain is a company to be reckoned with within the blockchain industry that is enabling mainstream adoption of blockchain technology to the masses. VeChain’s cutting-edge ideas, amazing technology, professionalism, impeccable work-ethic and their ability to continue to bring their products to fruition time and time again without delay consistently places their business amongst the leaders in the space. VeChain’s approach to their business strongly mirrors what we must all strive for within our own lives. The time that is given to all of us, is truly a gift and must not be wasted.


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