Article 2 of 4 - The ToolChain Partner Version: Analyzing VeChain’s Most Powerful and Customizable Version of ToolChain

  • VeChain’s ToolChain is a new Business as a Service (BaaS) solution that can be integrated into nearly any type of business possible. In the previous article we explained the differences between the 3 main types (Standard, Developer and Partner) of ToolChain products. Now it is time to dive deeper into the real-world uses of the system and explain in more detail how the Partner version can be used for large-scale enterprises. Today, we will begin with the second installment of the 4-part article series that analyzes the 3 main types of this ground-breaking business technology.

    The Partner version of ToolChain is a white-label, turnkey solution that is generally used for larger businesses (often IT Service Management (ITSM) and Consulting Firms) that need additional features that the Standard and Developer versions cannot provide. ToolChain’s Partner version allows users to apply Business to Business to Customer practices (B2B2C) needed to create white-label products that are customizable for specific uses. Now let’s dive deeper into the capabilities of the solution below.

    The ToolChain partner version comes with personnel, institution, access and business specific management modules that can be modified by software engineers. The system also includes logistics and product management modules built into the online platform; this allows businesses to enter the names of their products along with special codes (in the form of Static Asset SKU’s) to keep track of all products throughout the entire supply chain process by utilizing RFID, NFC chips and QR Codes. These tags are first ordered from VeChain (the QR Code can be printed by the business owner while the NFC and RFID chips must be ordered) using VTHOR Tokens and then attached to the products before being packaged and sent out to distributors before finally reaching retailers and the end consumer.

    One of the truly amazing features that sets the ToolChain Partner version apart from its competitors is the fact that the solution can be customized for nearly any type of enterprise client and then built to exact specifications. This means that software engineers can allocate specific features within the system to undertake different tasks. This includes menu customization of the program so the product can be used more easily by the enterprise client. Thus, creating a product that is flexible, adaptable, reliable and extremely fast with cutting-edge computing capabilities for any type of business.

    The Partner Version of ToolChain gives channel partners the ability to create a proprietary (White label) autonomous version that is hosted on partner servers all while enabling advanced customization for a multitude of purposes; the kit is made up of 13 unique products and is composed of:

    1. VeChain’s Blockchain Core Service: The ToolChain Partner version allows clients to connect directly to the VeChainThor Blockchain by using it to harness its amazing computing power, immutability, flexibility, and scalability for their enterprise business needs.

    2. ToolChain Partner Version Independent Deployment Manual: This manual is provided to give enterprises the know-how to correctly deploy the partner version of ToolChain in a simple and easy-to-use format.

    3. Enterprise Management Module: The Enterprise Management Module is used by the partner version of ToolChain to customize enterprise management practices within the platform.

    4. Project Management Module: The Project Management Module is used by the partner version of ToolChain to customize project management practices within the platform.

    5. VeChain ID Purchasing Module (QR Code/NFC/RFID Chip): These special tags are attached by the client to different products before shipment to retailers and customers. The data throughout this process is uploaded via the VeChain Work mobile application by employees and then stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain so it is able to be read by the end customer using the VeChain Pro mobile application before purchase.

    6. Self-operated Commodity Management Module: The Self-operated Commodity Management Module is used by the partner version of ToolChain by users to customize commodity management practices within the platform.

    7. Logistics Management Module: The Logistics Management Module is used by the partner version of ToolChain to customize logistics management practices within the platform.

    8. Personnel, Institution, and Access Management Module: The Personnel, Institution and Access Management Module is used by the partner version of ToolChain to customize personnel, institution and access management practices within the platform.

    9. QR Code Printing Software: The QR Code printing software is used to create diverse and secure QR codes that are then used to track specific products during the entire supply chain management process.

    10. Business Management Module: The Business Management Module is used by the partner version of ToolChain to facilitate various business and enterprise management practices on the platform.

    11. VeChain Work App: The VeChain Work mobile app is used by businesses to upload supply chain management information such as traceability data to the blockchain taken from each step in the production, distribution and manufacturing/harvesting process etc.

    12. VeChain Pro App: The VeChain Pro mobile application is meant to be used by the customer to learn about the entire lifecycle of the product before purchase.

    13. Product Display H5: This allows for simplified integration from the Partner version of the ToolChain module management platform to utilize photographs and videos that can be displayed on a user’s mobile phone through the VeChain Pro mobile application.

    As mentioned above, throughout the supply chain process, the mobile phone integrated VeChain Work App is used by businesses to enter data into the blockchain for individual products. Information such as harvesting practices, moisture levels, toxicity levels, weight, freshness, temperature, commodity and natural resource data, and much more can be analyzed by the end customer. The application can be used by employees to enter nearly any type of data possible (depending on which product is being shipped of course) so it can be verified throughout the entire supply chain management cycle.

    Some of this data is entered into the VeChain Work App in the form of photos or videos as well as written data as well includes links to specific social media content that relate to the product. As listed in the previous section, the kit even allows enterprises to print their own QR codes with special QR code printing software and a physical QR code printer. After the RFID, NFC chips and QR Code tags are placed on products they are then shipped to retailers where they can be scanned using the VeChain Pro mobile application by the end customer. This data proves to the customer that what they are buying is in fact legitimate.

    Made For Goods is an example of a company who uses the Partner version of ToolChain to set up white-label products for various clients. This allows them to manage several management modules for other companies in a Business to Business to Customer format (B2B2C). Made For Goods has over 60 clients in various industries such as: Industrial Goods, Automotive Aftermarket, Alcoholic Beverages, Food Services, Consumer Goods and others. Their solution is modified by developers and customized to the exact specifications needed by their clients giving them the ability to run their enterprises seamlessly and efficiently while providing the utmost trust to their users.

    Another example of a business leveraging the power of ToolChain’s partner version is Deloitte. Deloitte has an extremely large global business and it is essential to streamline their services utilizing a high-speed, powerful, reliable and adaptable blockchain platform. VeChain’s blockchain technology will help give Deloitte the necessary information needed to manage the company’s accounting, financial advisory, analytics, legal, audit and assurance, risk advisory, consulting and tax service departments for clients across the globe.

    Deloitte’s business model is extremely complex and includes:

    Consumer: Automotive, Consumer Products, Retail, Wholesale & Distribution, Transport, Hospitality & Services

    Energy, Resources & Industrials: Industrial Products & Construction, Mining & Metals, Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Power & Utilities

    Government and Public Services: Civil Government, Defense, Security & Justice, Health & Social Care
    International Donor Organizations, Transport

    Financial Services: Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance, Real Estate, Investment Management

    Life Science & Health Care: Health Care, Life Science

    Technology, Media and Telecommunications: Technology,Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment

    Clearly, Deloitte needs a customizable and trustless system because of the diversity and complexity of their business model. The ToolChain Partner version fits their needs perfectly. Another example of how ToolChain’s Partner version can be utilized is through ENN Group’s Sun-yard Agricultural Co.; the company uses the VeChainThor blockchain for food traceability and supply chain management processes. VeChain’s blockchain technology is used in the agriculture industry to help streamline distribution, farming practices and cold chain logistics, and for safety monitoring and traceability systems.

    The main purpose of Sun-yard Agricultural’s business model is to provide organic, safe, healthy and fresh vegetables to retailers and customers in a timely fashion. They have a responsibility to ensure processing, storage and delivery of the product is always on schedule. Special tracking tags (RFID/NFC Chips or QR Codes) are placed on packages to monitor the temperature, humidity and health of the vegetables at all times. With quality being integral to their business model, is it imperative that absolute freshness is maintained before arriving on grocery store shelves.

    Many of these corporations apply diversified ecological breeding methods and strict Gap production management criterions and implement comprehensive safety practices regarding soil, air, and water quality during plant maturation. Many of the steps during this process are recorded directly onto the VeChainThor Blockchain to prove the validity of the information and track each step of the supply chain. With such a large population to feed in China the demand for organic fresh vegetables is massive. Their mission is always to get products from the field directly onto the dining table to ensure customers are getting the best product possible.

    As you can see by the various examples above, the ToolChain Partner version is the most powerful, customizable and reliable enterprise solution built for large corporations on the market today. It allows a diverse range of enterprises such as Made for Goods, Deloitte, ENN’s Sun-yard Agricultural Co. and others the ability to build white-label turnkey solutions for smaller businesses to enable them to track their goods through the entirety of the supply chain management process.

    ToolChain’s Partner version also gives developers the ability to easily modify various types of platform management modules by seamlessly integrating different Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and Software Development Kits (SDK’s) to meet their needs. The VeChain Work and Pro Apps and their ability to work in unison with the VeChainThor blockchain and RFID/NFC chips and QR Codes provide our world with a layer of trust that is often missing.

    VeChain continues to be at the forefront of real-world solutions that will continue to make our planet and the people that live on it an integral part of our society moving forward. With VeChain’s ToolChain Partner version, large enterprises now have the power to harness revolutionary blockchain technology in a way that will forever transform our society unlike anything ever seen before.


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  • @VeChainFraser it is a very good article, but as far as I know, ENN worked with VeChain in the LNG field and has not cooperated in the agricultural field yet, you'd better refer to information officially announced by VeChain.

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