The OceanEx AI Digital Asset Exchange: The VeChain Powered Digital Asset Platform Revolutionizing the Industry

  • OceanEx is a new AI powered cryptocurrency and VeChain incubated exchange that first began its development several months before its first social media posts in June of last year. It’s ICO took place during September and the exchange was first launched to the public in early December, 2018. The VeChain Foundation felt that is was in the best interest of all parties involved to help launch an exchange under the VeChain umbrella that strongly represented VeChain’s innermost core values.

    Using the VeChainThor Blockchain’s ground-breaking technology will in many ways ensure the stability and integrity of the OceanEx project. It is also important to note that OceanEx has been designed specifically as a platform to list all of VeChain’s incubated projects. The exchange’s own token OceanEx (OCE), as well as Safe Haven (SHA), Plair (PLA), Bitagora (BAG), Thingschain (TIC), and DecentBet (DBET) are the main VeChain affiliated projects that are already listed on the exchange with more being released regularly. All projects within the VeChain ecosystem are listed on OceanEX with a VET trading pair; many also have industry standard trading pairs such as ETH, BTC and USDT. However, the OceanEx platform has other projects outside of the ecosystem listed on the exchange and will continue to add more in the near future.

    OceanEx is working extremely hard to be separate itself from all other exchanges currently on the market. As a user of the exchange I have been very impressed by its extremely fast, sleek, simple and easy to use interface. This project truly is the beginning of something special and will be a force to be reckoned with within the industry as it continues to expand and grow. Their vision is to have an exchange that is built with the utmost trust and security in mind that facilitates ease of use for many different types of clients.

    Ocean Ex, CEO and founder Xiaoning Nan’s summarized his vision for OceanEx below, “When Sunny called me to ask me what I thought about the current exchange situation in the market about one year ago, it was really not an easy decision. We shared the same vision about blockchain technology and knew that the only way to drive for mass adoption is to not cut any corners and climb to the summit the hard way. A legitimate crypto exchange will play a very important role in the VeChain ecosystem not only to serve the ecosystem projects but also as an onramp for traditional enterprises. And I will do it, with my sweat and blood, with the devotion of everyone on my team, and with faith to VeFAM.”

    During 2013, Xiaoning Nan became one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin and blockchain technology in China. Nan is also the Chief Advisor to the VeChain Foundation because of his experience in cutting-edge blockchain development and because of the knowledge he obtained creating one of the first franchise cryptocurrency mining facilities in China. Xiaoning was an early investor in several blockchain projects including VeChain, Binance, Elastos, Nebulas and Certik; and continues to work tirelessly in the development of OceanEx with his team.

    Sunny Lu, the CEO of VeChain respects Nan’s hard work, character, dedication and humility above all else. This was signified in his open letter to the VeChain community last June during the commencement of the OceanEx project; Lu notes, “I have known Xiaoning Nan (Nanning) well before he became the CEO of OceanEx. Long enough to know that the only word that defines him is driven. I didn’t ask Nanning to be our lead advisor because he was connected, I asked him because above all else, I knew he cared. He didn’t care about the money, he didn’t care about the fame, he saw that future in VeChain and now he sees it in OceanEx. That is why I know without a doubt that OceanEx will be a disrupting force on a global level.”

    VeChain’s partnership with OceanEx is pivotal in the future success of the business, but they also work with several other important industry players including Plair, Safe Haven, Certik, and Koi Trading. Plair was the first ICO on the VeChain platform and is well on its way to becoming the leading blockchain gaming and esports platform in the world because of several features that are unmatched in the industry. Safe Haven is one of the leading asset management, financial technology and product engineering security systems in the blockchain industry and the company works directly with VeChain.

    Koi Trading created a turnkey AML and KYC solution which other projects can easily integrate into their system architecture. Koi Trading is one of the leading AML and KYC Compliance enterprises in Southeast Asia. Certik, is the “world's most advanced formal verification technology for smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems,” and provides its services to blockchain leaders such as Binance, NEO, QTUM, Huobi, OKEx, and ICON; thus demonstrating its reputation in the field.

    OceanEx features amazing security and technical features that are built from the ground up with bank-level SSL security technology which incorporate AI into all design aspects of the platform. Advanced machine learning algorithms enable the platform to identify potential attacks as they happen and safeguard your transactions and assets at all times. The main technical features that allow OceanEx to maintain levels of security and reliability unlike few in the industry are OceanBrain, OceanQuant and OceanMarket.

    OceanBrain uses AI technology to identify abnormal trading patterns for all users and overseas the entirety of the exchange to verify that the distribution of trading orders amongst all users is normal. The technology is also used to enforce reliability and scalability to make sure the server cluster adapts to future trading volume and predictive data-driven machine learning. Additionally, OceanEx employs a market making agent based on several reinforcement learning algorithms to maintain maximum liquidity and fairness for all its users.

    OceanEx’s machine learning technology utilizes a revolutionary large-scale reinforcement deep learning methodology that gives the system the ability to actually learn by interacting with the exchange. The most technically advanced AI systems in the world are generally only data driven. Instead, OceanBrain employs a hybridized method that makes decisions by using both human knowledge and data analysis. OceanBrain’s intelligence increases over time meaning that previous tasks are transmitted to new task domains in a very similar way to how human beings learn.

    OceanQuant supports quantitative trading and includes specific Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) that enable users to examine historical market statistics. This special API also allows users to place orders automatically through a programming language and allows traders to perform backtesting of their algorithms. Users can even utilize tested algorithms within high performance trading bot containers that are connected to the OceanEx matching engine via a dedicated high frequency trading infrastructure. This allows users to configure specific trading tactics and strategies that bots execute for them without the user actually being logged into the exchange.

    OceanMarket gives developers of algorithms on the platform the ability to earn transaction fees by allowing traders to subscribe to their best performing algorithms. Users are able to use specific algorithms by creating a custodian account and the publisher can determine how many followers are able to use their system. Entire data sets are then published on the platform so that any user can determine which algorithms work the best, so they are able to correctly analyze potential risks. A credit system will then be created for users on the platform by utilizing OceanBrain to monitor security, upper volume limits, and the number of subscribers to the algorithm based on how well it is performing.

    Exceptional customer service and a diverse community rewards structure is something that OceanEx continues to advance throughout the lifecycle of the project. With excellent customer response times and programs such as VThor Medal, Crypto Farm, and the OCE Club as well as regular trading battles it is clear that the project values its users and community members more than anything. The OCE Club gives users rewards for referring friends and family as well as discounts on trading fees depending on how high their account balance is. The VThor Medal program is a trading competition that rewards users for trading VeThor tokens and having a high balance of VeThor tokens on the platform. While trading battles reward users who trade the highest volume of a newly listed project for a specific time period.

    Headed by Xiaoning Nan’s leadership and business acumen, the insatiable work ethic of the OceanEx team will continue to distance itself from the competition. By employing trading API setups and specialized algorithm creation based on the most advanced machine learning technology today, the platform will continue to fulfill the needs of various types of clients across the globe. VeChain will help OceanEx’s growth accelerate while also maintaining the strongest reputation and highest level of trust in the industry. The above qualities combined with an impeccable emphasis on security and an exceptionally fast, user-friendly interface make this project unstoppable.

    Just as there is no limit to human potential when we set our minds to something, there is truly no limit to how far OceanEx can go.


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