唯链主网上线一周年之中英文AMA马拉松倒计时!Chinese-English Live Broadcast| VeChain AMA Marathon Is Coming!

  • Hi Sunny,

    Regards from the Dutch VeFam Slack group!

    1: Valuable TX's are important. We all know some projects are generating fake transactions or non valuable transactions with bots/fake users. How about offering some stats to the VeFam community and the whole crypto world with specific stats regarding projects running live on the Vechain blockchain. If this is not allowed (using the Walmart name for example or listing the usage) you could offer rough daily stats based on the category of usage. Lots of possibilities. I'm sure Fabian (vechainstats.com) will be more then willing to assist.

    2: Vechainstats is forced to use circulating supply stats from CMC. We all know CMC is not accurate for most of the Vechain projects. If Vechainstats would receive actual CC updates from the team that would be excellent.

    3: About the X-node pool of 5B VET. Will this pool exist forever? Why do I not see this 5B listed in the financial update?

    4: I assume the recent PwC endorsed food platform is intended for many more clients then only Walmart?

    5: What's up with Plair recently? They do not communicate and progress is very very slow. Does Vechain help projects like Plair to speed up and/or advise them? Lots of community members are really angry and this affects the ecosystem as a whole.

    6: Does Vechain promote Vechain projects like PLA, SHA, OCE when talking to potential clients? The SHIP product of Safe Haven for example could be interesting for lots of people you or your team is talking/negotiating with.


  • 祝福唯链主网上线一周年,愿唯链越来越好!


  • 陆大大好~


  • Hello Sunny,

    Do you see yourself reaching the limit of total partnerships you can handle?


    🚀 🚀 🚀

  • 亲爱的唯链,大多数情况下,对于普通的消费者用户来说似乎购买日常商品时,并不是太多关注商品的溯源追踪功能,除非遇到一些特殊事件时,例如商品质量纠纷,才会想到对商品的溯源追踪需求,这可能会造成很长时间内用户不了解唯链,希望未来,唯链提高社区活跃,让更多用户体验这一跨时代的功能,推动用户积极极参与互动中,做出更多的改进,我有一个小小的建议,唯链在未来的版本开发中,希望能引入一些例如抽奖,刮刮乐的奖励活动,或是举办一些商品质评选活动,提高普通用户积极参与使用区块链商品溯源追踪的功能,让更多的普通用户认识唯链。

  • Hey Sunny,
    Congratulations on all of the progress you and the team have made. I am so excited about Vechain.
    With Binance set to shut down Vet trading for US customers I am wondering what the next step will be for ensuring that there will be available markets for trading Vet in the US. I'm sure we would all love to see Vet on Coinbase.

  • Hi sunny,

    How many more partners will become live in the mainnet this year



  • hi Sunny!
    Whay are the plans now for vaccine traceability?


  • Hey Sunny! Thanks for doing the AMA!

    Couple of questions:

    1. I've seen and read a lot about how data is stored in the VeChain Ecosystem, and I've seen mentioned numerous times about CHAOS which is a decentralized data encryption and storage solution developed by VeChain to store the raw data, but there isn't any technical information about how it works and what you want to do with it in the future... can you provide some deeper knowledge about CHAOS and it's future in the VeChain ecosystem?

    2. When should we expect the new updated version of the whitepaper? I know the team is working on it, is there any planed date or something? (don't rush it ofc)


  • 陆大我想问问,作为一个xnode的长期持有者,今后对xnode有什么规划,因为现在xnode已经可以交易了,那是不是可以考虑对持有时间更长的用户做一些更多的优惠政策呢,不然大家可以在有活动的时候去买一个xnode,然后过了之后就卖掉,对于我们这些长期持有的是不是不太公平呢,谢谢!

  • Hi Sunny,

    I know that there is a lot of NDA which prevent you and your team to reveal the partnerships. But could you share with us the projected number of transactions/clauses by end of year 2019 in mainnet? it does not need to be specific. For example at the moment Mainnet is kicking alive with daily clauses 500k-800k. what would be the rough number by end of the year 2019? 2m-3m ?

    I think this should not violate any NDA, am i right?

    Thank you in advance for your answer 🙂


  • 不知不觉唯链满一周岁了,可喜可贺,瑾祝生日快乐!在这里我想问一下,未来有没有可能公司会上科创板啊?

  • 陆总,您好!我是一个vet持有者。我想问一下唯链基金会,上海唯链公司和vet持有者三个的具体关系。上海唯链公司赚到的RMB会不会投入到vet的生态中,让我们vet的持有者跟着受益??

  • Hi Sunny,

    Looking forward to staying up all night for this AMA.

    Not sure if you can answer this one, but do you know if China will officially be allowing purchase of VET for the Chinese people?

  • @VeChainOfficial 一周年!恭喜唯链!我关注唯链的技术进度!还有101节点的的公开!

  • Hi,陆阳
    在了解到唯链的时候,我一直就有个疑惑,在传统领域,IBM 与航运巨头马士基合作,已经开始提供其全球贸易区块链平台。截至94家公司已经签署了该平台,包括港口,物流公司,远洋承运人等IBM也在努力与联合利华和沃尔玛,以确定新的领域在全球供应链可以从blockchain受益。IBM在企业市场占据主导地位,据调查显示,65%的公司表示他们会选择IBM在自己的业务中部署该技术。

  • @DMC5156 said in 唯链主网上线一周年之中英文AMA马拉松倒计时!Chinese-English Live Broadcast| VeChain AMA Marathon Is Coming!:

    @VeChainOfficial 首先,恭喜唯链以及支持唯链的社区,唯链一周岁了。请问,如何能让区块链可追溯平台技术,进入平常百姓家,如何惠及千家万户?

  • @VeChainOfficial 首先,恭喜唯链以及支持唯链的社区,唯链一周岁了。请问,如何能让区块链可追溯平台技术,进入平常百姓家,如何惠及千家万户?

  • 陆大大:什么时候来一场全马,让团队和粉丝们来一场亲密的约跑?半马也行啊,我先报名


  • @VeChainOfficial

    Hi Sunny. Congratulations to you and the entire team on your one year anniversary of the VeChainThor mainnet launch!

    With so much positive development this past year for VeChain, it is still currently barely within the top 30 by market capitalization. Why do you think the market has ineffectively valued VeChain relative to its peers (assuming you think it should be higher than #30), and how have you positioned your overall company strategy to gain overall market capitalization share? Thank you for doing this AMA.


  • Hey Sunny,

    What are your thoughts on PlayTable and the 8Hours Foundation?

    Also, Rest In Peace to your father, he seemed like a great man and I’m sure you are very proud and he is very proud of you also.



  • @VeChainOfficial


  • Hello Sunny!

    1. Are there any plans in the near future on increasing VTHO production per VET token? What will happen if VTHO usage surpasses production?
    2. Are there any plans to increase the benefits of being an x-node holder?
    3. Can you comment on any upcoming transactions that might be hitting the mainnet from some of the other partnerships?
    4. Do USA citizens have anything to worry about holding VET? This is a concern now that the current Binance site will not allow USA to use and you can't currently KYC on OceanEX if you're in the USA.
    5. Are there any plans for VET being listed on a USA complaint exchange?


  • Hi Sunny,

    Thank you for doing this AMA, as token holders and in such bear market we appreciate VeChain's leadership being approachable and answering our questions. Here's mine:

    There's a new video of Jason Rockwood giving an amazing intro talk about what is VeChain and its unique features. He starts by saying that when he mentions "Vechain he refers to both the Foundation and the company that provides technology solutions". Has the Foundation any plans to address this and clearly differentiate both entities as it could possibly interfere with regulators (especially in the US) and difficult getting listed in compliant exchanges like Coinbase? Is there any plan similar to the marketing campaign that Ripple did to differentiate from XRP? Thank you.

    VET address: 0x75E11b7e879529005585971BCDEC60Fc11262dD5

  • Hey Sunny,

    Thanks for doing this! There has been a lot of concern lately about the economics between VTHO and VET and I believe it is likely due to a lack of understanding and a conflict of beliefs. Could you please take some time to explain the plan for when the amount of VTHO burned exceeds that of the amount of VTHO being produced and how it effects the value of VTHO & VET in the long-term?

    Here is my wallet address:

  • @Ozkaw

    "My question; is it possible untraceable TX? I mean not for whole Chain but can be a Option for untraceable tx when Users want."

    If I remember correctly, it was Dan Boneh (Professor of Comp Sci and Electrical Eng. at Stanford University), that spoke about the potential use of confidential transactions on the VeChainThor blockchain, at the VeChain summit back in April.

  • Hi Sunny,

    I think that interoperability between blockchains will be essential in the future, and anticipating the competitors is what makes you the winner.
    Jack Lu, CEO of Wanchain, said a few days ago "We are looking at pretty much every public chain".
    Vechain as public blockchain, have you had contact with Lu's team?
    It would be great to see two of my favorite projects work together!


  • Hi Sunny,
    Thanks for doing this AMA, really creative and good for the spirit.
    My question is what drives you to make vechain the nr1 used blockchain in the world? Keep up the great work!

    Vet address: 0x1008D388B91ee71854Cf051FdB17be91A495239d

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Lu,
    Im sorry for your lost. I believe your father mean a lot to you and i know he is in Peace now.

    I like a lot Vechain. You did great job until now but i think Vechain need a better Marketing Team.
    My question; is it possible untraceable TX? I mean not for whole Chain but can be a Option for untraceable tx when Users want.

    Vet adress: 0x51d32ffa9bE23A7b961A26529d688c442e6615bb


  • How will you capture the US market?

  • Hi Sunny!

    How do you think Blockchain technology will have changed the world in let’s say 10 years? What will the biggest differences if you would take a guess.


  • @VeChainOfficial
    Hi Sunny,
    Thank you and your team for all your dedication and hard work. With the current tradeable X Nodes system as is, there are those who feel underappreciated which may come from the miscommunicated intentions of the team. What is the end goal you want to achieve with the X Nodes?


  • @VeChainOfficial

    Any ambitions/goals apart from Vechain ?


  • @VeChainOfficial
    Hello Sunny,
    i would like the Vechain wallet to be able to provide a system (perhaps with the intervention of SafeHaven) to enable functions in case of death (or very very long inactivity of the wallet ...). Are you thinking about it? It would be the first wallet to do it I think. Thank you


  • Does the existence of the MPP protocol work against the appreciation of the VET token since companies do not need to hold vet to interact with the blockchain and the vechain foundation purchases vet otc?


  • 请问陆大:

    1. 能否介绍一下5亿美元孵化基金目前的运营情况?有哪些出资方?已经投资了哪些项目?
    2. 下一届基金会治理委员会什么时候改选?社区代表能否进入治理委员会或者职能委员会?
    3. 在唯链项目的发展中,你现在最在意的是什么?对未来有什么期待?


  • @VeChainOfficial

    What are your views on vechain being able to replace ethereum?


    1. Can you provide an update on all the major partnerships that have previously been announced? What stage are they in, when will a live product be launched? And are there any partnerships that were announced that are no longer partnerships?

    2. In your opinion what should a transaction cost? Is it a penny, a half a penny, etc...? Right now the annual Thor generation is valued at around $11M. To me this seems very low yet a few sources have said Thor price is too high.

    3. Are Breyer and Draper passive or active investors, meaning are they helping to open doors for VeChain to some companies?

    4. Can you talk about plans for the US? Opening any more offices?

    5. Why were x-nodes sold as a "this is your only chance to get one, get it before this date" and then months later you facilitate the ability to buy and sell x-nodes? This is the one thing from VeChain that really made me mad. Now a large company can buy a VeThor X node, upgrade it to a Mjolnir x-node an now everyone else's bonus decreases a little. And I bought in because I thought people who lose x-nodes over time and my x-nodes would become more limited, but people can resell theirs. I'm really unhappy with how this worked out compared to message that was communicated in the beginning.


  • Hi Sunny!

    I have a 3 yo son, but can't see him as much as I'd like because I have to travel a lot for work. Something you're familiar with I reckon. Do you have any tips how to deal with that?


  • Hey Sunny!

    Congratulations on all the great news lately. Is there any work being done towards VET being listed on US. Compliant exchanges?

    Wish you a great summer.


  • Dear Sunny,

    With today's knowledge, how important is the price of VET in regard to enterprise adoption?
    Has or will the foundation influence(d) the price of VET for any reason?

    Thank you.

  • Konnichiwa Sunny!
    I want to say I'm sorry to hear about your father and thank you for giving us time to be with you in your time of grief.

    My question, when do you plan on making the changes to the whitepaper you spoke about on twitter? Will you make the changes public or will we need to wait until the revised whitepaper is out?

    Arigato Gozaimasu


  • Are there any plans to integrate OceanEx into the mobile wallet app?


  • Hello Sunny,

    Can you provide us with an update on the Digital Carbon Ecosystem?

    Have the mentioned partners (BYD, Renji Hospital, UNDP, PICC) already started using it? If not then is there an estimated timeline? It would certainly be a major achievement for the platform if we can confirm that it has already gone live.


  • Hi Sunny,

    You teased us that the white paper needs a revision. Could you explain what the main reasons are why this is neccessary?


  • This post is deleted!

  • @VeChainOfficial

    Are the Vaccine Traceability Solution and Cahrenheit still in play?


  • How did Vechain survived from the bear market while keep making progress? We see there were many projects went MIA but Vechain still stand strong. Are the team members work with reduced wages? 🙂


  • @VeChainOfficial

    There have been multiple Medium posts by the VeChain Foundation regarding new partnerships and proof of concepts.

    Are we able to get an update on some of these partnerships from last year in a new Medium article?

    Where the VeChain Foundation goes over all previously announced partnerships and gives a small update about progress since the last announcement?

    For example: Shanghai Gas: currently testing the POC, still a partner, waiting on further regulation.



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