唯链主网上线一周年之中英文AMA马拉松倒计时!Chinese-English Live Broadcast| VeChain AMA Marathon Is Coming!

  • Hi from Czech republic!
    I have these questions:
    for Sunny:

    • As a big believer I would love to spread the Vechain in my country (in my free time but i would love to take a leap of faith and in a future as part time job and preferably as a full time job!) Will there be some ToolChain education program for Vechain Ambassadors with such ambitions?
    • Are there any plans to somehow compensate original X-Node holders for holding thru hard times?
    • What ROI coming from VTHO production do you think is reasonable to expect for X-Node holders?

    For OceanEx:

    • will there be regular OCE burn?
    • will there be daily/weekly incentives from OceanEx to OCE holders based on OCE held and trading volume on OceanEx? Will this be possible from "Xnode binded" form?
    • do you plan to implement another stable coin apart from USDT with questionable reputation?
    • Where are the profits for Cryptofarm users coming from?
    • will you change the OCE Club criteria? (lvl.2 >0.2M OCE is in my opinion too low, lvl.3 >5M OCE is too high, lvl.4 is just right, but lvl.5 is way too high - for few individuals only?)
    • Will you implement margin trading?
    • Will you give more utility to OCE token?

    Thank you and good luck!

  • Hi Sunny,

    Long time holder and dca-er here. Strong believe!

    Can you tell something about the toolchain development? Are SME's really interested and maybe already running poc's?



  • Hi Sunny,

    Will there be any merchandise in the future?

    Keep up the good work!!


  • @VeChainOfficial Hi Sunny! Is vtho only generated by circulating VET or by all VET in existence, including any still held by the foundation? Great work!


  • Hi Sunny,

    Thank you for doing the AMA and congratulations on all the recent developments with Vechain!

    Is VTHO deliberately not tradable on Binance to prevent speculation or is there another reason?
    I hope you will find time to answer this question


  • Hi, Sunny !!

    First of all, I would like to thank the team's continuous effort to deliver the best (sometimes unique) products possible with great professionalism and responsibility!

    I am part of the community in Brazil and would like to know if you see any possibility in the near future of partnerships with governments or companies in South America?

    I would feel safer if, for example, Petrobrás's lawsuits were recorded in VechainThor Blockchain. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


  • @VeChainOfficial
    It's really great to see the progress made by vechain team. I have few questions:

    1. With so many companies announcing usage of vechain, demand of vechainthor is going to increase. I just wanted to know, how do these companies buy vechain? Is it through exchanges or there is some other place from where they buy vet or vethor.
    2. What are the plans of increasing awareness about toolchain at enterprise level and even for small developers who want to start building on vechain.


  • With Thor burn rate quickly approaching generation rate foundation will soon will need to increase generation rates. As foundation holds 30% of Vechain supply it is clear that any increment in Thor generation rates will benefit foundation the most. Seeing that some of partners use cases are funded from foundation wallets as long Vechain keeps increasing Thor generation rates and funding partners there will never be actual public demand for thor and benefit for token holders. People will scream centralization - essentially printing currencies benefit the foundation. Are there plans for any additional Thor generated by foundations wallets after the first increment to be distributed to token holders, node holders or x node holders?


  • @VeChainOfficial 祝贺主网上线一周年。

  • Hi Sunny!
    VeChain is good project for long times with strong team ,good partner ( BMW, wallmart ...) so Where do you and the VeChain team see the world of blockchain being in years to come, and how will VET change the landscape of the cryptocurrency space in years to come?
    Thank and this is my wallet ( if i so lucky 🙂 ) . 0x99d504151919cb71014e69bb86a6d0debc6b2320

  • Hi Sunny,

    My VET/company questions:

    • If there is one thing about VeChain that you could instantly do/invent/change with just a magic fingersnip and without doing hard work/waiting for partners/regulations what would it be?
    • Whats the most important tip you can give a young entrepreneur?

    My personal questions:
    I know you used to play soccer and videogames:

    • what is your favourite soccer Team?
    • Did you ever play Pro Evolution Soccer / Winning Eleven in your "time before VeChain" 😉 ?

    See you in Germany!

  • @VeChainOfficial 祝贺主网上线一周年。

  • Super stoked for the AMA!

    Any plans to battle the high costs of using the Vechain Thor Blockchain? Will the VTHO generation rate get adjusted?


  • Hi Sunny,

    Are there any plans to use VeVID in not just a persons real identity but also their digital identity on social media (twitter, reddit, youtube, telegram, etc), i think this could be valuable function as sometimes it is hard to know if the username is really who they claim to represent, this can be especially important in crypto social media and news.

    A method to approve and authenticate a list of all your social media usernames/profiles to VeVID and a VET wallet address, this could possibly even be expanded to being able to tip/donate to those users when viewing their content in Sync or a VeChain Thor compatible browser and be confident in knowing the right person is receiving the donation


  • @VeChainOfficial

    It doesn't really matter whether there was a short term capital gain or loss between when you technically got the Thor because short term cap gains are taxed at your marginal income tax rate. More importantly though, the fiat price you received a specific .000432 Thor at is not knowable when it came in as the generated Thor every 10 seconds or so, whatever it is. Since it's not knowable, making reasonable efforts to report accurately is going to be what would be looked for. It must also be consistent, you can't use one reasonable approach for some and another reasonable approach for others.


  • Hi Sunny,

    I have a few questions regarding onboarding of partners:

    How does onboarding new partners work in terms of acquisition of VET/VTHO tokens? Do the partners pay VeChain in fiat, and then VeChain provides the tokens? If that is the case, how does VeChain acquire the tokens for the partner? Does VeChain hold the tokens for the partner?

    Thanks for all you do


  • Hi Nan!

    A few questions specifically for you:

    1.) Is there a plan to have a GBP fiat on ramp for OceanEx in the UK? When do you expect to see large clients consistently using the fiat on ramp?

    2.) Has any work been done on the option to swap VTHO to VET within the wallet? It was suggested in an AMA last year - is there now an Eta?

    3.) Do you have any intellectual property rights to stop other exchanges from replicating your ideas. E.g. For OceanMarket?

    4.) Sunny has stated several times that he sees Ethereum as a project he would like to be as big as. Do you see any competition in the market that you would also like to be as big as, like Binance maybe? Or do you see OceanEx appealing mostly only to the VeFam?

    5.) What are your thoughts on TIC? How much due diligence did the team do on TIC before including them in CryptoFarm promotions? Do they perform due diligence on new listings?

    6.) Do expect to integrate Safe Haven solutions into the exchange?

    7.) Can you PLEASE send me a hoody?



  • 陆大您好~!首先祝贺唯链主网上线一周年!祝愿唯链越来越好!
    2,X节点的持有者在接下来的计划中是否有什么权力和义务? 社区人员如何参与到唯链的日常建设中?
    3,看陆大的推特上面说很快会有新一版的白皮书,非常期待! 能否透露一下新版的白皮书会有哪些改动?
    5,希望陆大多保重身体~! 感谢陆大为唯链的付出!


  • @VeChainOfficial

    Hello Sunny,

    I know this is off topic but I am just curious who is your favourite Marvel Superhero?


  • Hi Sunny,

    From your experience do companies prefer to buy vtho directly or vet that generates vtho to pay for their use of the blockchain and what is and will be the effect of regulations on this decision?


  • Hi Sunny,

    A few questions from me:

    1.) Can you give us an update on collaboration with NRCC? Does this partnership work like Vechain does with DNV GL or PwC? Do they introduce you to other clients?

    2.) Which 3 partnerships, in no particular order, do you estimate will generate the most transactions on the main net over the next 12 months? (If one is NDA'd, just say that it is NDA'd)

    3.) Do you see any barriers to being listed on Coinbase and Bakkt?

    4.) Do you think in the future, investors will make substantial returns from VTHO generation? Or do you see investment potential mostly being realised from the appreciation of VET token price?

    5.) Do you have an update on Real Wool Standards (RWS) and their implementation of services on the Vechain blockchain? Are Vechain their chosen blockchain supplier?

    6.) If you could work with one company in the world that you DON'T currently work with, which company would that be?

    Thank you!


  • Hello sunny,

    First off my condolences on your father giving you many prayers of peace and resolve. Bless you and your family.

    My question is , since x nodes have proven cast iron hands maybe as a reward the foundation can move the eco pool allocations to the x node pool to increase vtho pay outs to x node holders is this some thing you guys are thinking about ? Also I’m wondering about the bmw app if it will ever go live due to Eu Gdpr rules of privacy ?

    Please one last suggestion , cigars they are faked so much it’s crazy is vechain working with USA or South America companies on this at all?

    Thank you sunny and vechain

  • Hello Sunny Lu

    Nice to be a part of the vechain community 😋
    Are you planning to focus more on the European market ? And will this accepted by the authorities ?
    Keep up the great work 🤘


  • Jrbejxnfj

  • Hi Sunny and ofcourse oceanex 8hours and plair people,

    First of all...... Great Job you all deliver.

    Are all the TX's from Wallmart only ?
    @ OceanEx : When Fiat deposit ? fiat in USD and Euro ?
    What are vechainworld plans about vechainworld marketing?

    Good to be in vechainworld 😃
    Thx for listening to the community.


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  • Hey Sunny,
    What's the breakout dapp that you're waiting to see in our ecosystem?

    Looking forward to the stream, and thank you for all the focused work.

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  • Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for doing the AMA. I didn't have time to read all questions so forgive me if it's already been asked.

    I would love to get an update on the BYD and Cahrenheit projects. Are they still active and what has been the progress so far?


  • Hi Sunny,

    How many team members do you have right now? Is the team still growing?

    Keep up the good work and make sure any announcement you make is at 16:00 (dutch time).



  • A greater contact with the community could be done, through youtube, and also the possibility of adoption by credit card, using blockchain technology.

  • @VeChainOfficial Hi, Sunny!

    Thank you for creating this ecosystem that allowed me to finally convince my friends that crypto is the future!

    What is a difficulty the foundation did not foresee, and has been able to overcome?


  • After the great high, the altscoin had a very great loss in their market value, vcs you think in diminishing the suply so that that value can grow again? I really liked the partnerships being made, I particularly like the project. I find it interesting if there is a credit card for crypto, where there might be cashback in VTHO for users. my sugestion.

  • Hi Sunny Luuuu!

    Since launching QR codes with Walmart China, what has the impact and reaction from customers particularly in these early stages? Is there plans to introduce this into other companies within China or globally?

    Thank you 🙂
    Vechainzzzzz for lyf


  • Whats up sunny 🙂
    3 years from now what benefits and value will a xnode holder have ? In vechains eyes
    Maybe a xnode vtho card

    2,) what if someone wants to open a small office and sell the idea of toolchain kinda like a toolchain broker to get various small business into the blockchain? Would vechain pay commission etc

    1. your favorite Mexican restaurant in San Francisco?


  • Hi.Sunny, Thank you for offering this communicating opportunity.

    As far as I know, most Vechain's business is related to anti-counterfeiting or tracing. Every product in the vechain ecosystem is assigned with an ID. I have no doubt that all the information about the product once recorded can not be modified for any purpose. What I can not understand is that if business goes this way, it seems that all the value is focused only on the ID rather than the product itself. For example, if a gallery apply vechain's business model, and place in each of their paintings in a chip with your ID. Although the transactions of the painting can be recorded safely but if someone steal the chip and place it in a fake painting then the fake one becomes the genuine one. Could you please help me to understand this. Thank you.

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  • Hey Sunny,

    Congratulations on all the recent success with Vechain!

    Is Vechain doing any work in the IoT space? Also as Vechain community members what's the best way to support the project? - Besides telling everyone about Vechain


  • @VeChainOfficial 1. would love to hear more about your plans for US investors. 2. Also can you give us a sneak peak into how many other NDAs you have ongoing? No need for names of course just the amount of 0x33736878E0CD2483FF71CE667F4c217D5B4E32eb

  • Hi Sunny! Love whats been happening with Vechain! How are things going with BYD? BYD seems to be growing in North America too. Do you see Vechains technology in their cars by the end of year?


  • Hi Sunny,

    first, I want to express my sincere condolences to you. Your family matters in combination with the business pressure were certainly not easy for you.

    1. Do you think that the trade dispute between the US and China has a negative impact on your partnerships, such as Walmart could impact?

    2. Is it realistic that you can also gain a foothold at Walmart in the USA or is this unlikely for an Asian blockchain company like Vechain in the current political situation? Or is this only possible through collaboration / partnership with an American company like IBM?

    3. Are you still convinced that VET is a store of value and in the long run reflects the real value of Vechain? In recent weeks, valuable transactions have made VTHO gained significantly in value whereas VET raced in the same price hike, although VTHO was supposed to be the stable part in the Vechain ecosystem.

    4. Since CAHrenheit has not published any news and progress for a long time, there is a rumor that the project is dead. CAHrenheit also did not appear in the ecosystem diagram at Summit. Can you say something about this situation?

    5. Why did you not implement / respect all the benefits of the X Nodes originally announced in the Medium post? In particular, the higher X nodes should initially have a higher status in the ecosystem and even act as a community entity. You have not said a word about the community entities since the announcement.

    6. At the moment, the difference between the X Node states is so small (VTHO / Dollar value) that holding a higher X node does not give you any significant advantage. For this reason, Base X Nodes are traded almost as expensive or cheap as higher Nodes and it is relatively easy to obtain high X Node status with manageable investment. This makes the XNode status nothing special and unique, as it was once thought. In general, I feel that the real value of X Nodes, no matter what level, has been so low since the Mainnet launch, that you could easily abolish the X Node program. The XNode program has only felt that many people have lost a lot of money since the bear market started in 2018, because their expectations were far too high and the benefit was far too low. I think you should fundamentally change the XNode program or benefits (and if it's just special merchandising) to give the VET owners a sense of loyalty and a special role in the Vechain ecosystem. What do you think about that?

    7. Did you try the two bottles of German fruit brandy we gave to Noah at the Shanghai Office last year? 😄 🍷


  • @VeChainOfficial Hi Sunny, here writing you from Portugal. Is the IBM and Vechain collaboration a real thing with Walmart?


  • Hi Sunny!

    My questions is:

    • How does VeChain solve the problem of ORACLES and may pwc and dnv gl be seen as oracles?


  • @VeChainOfficial vtho为什么不直接代替oce,这样vet的价值和vtho的流通性不是会更好吗?vet地址0xF29dA5F5B06f3a00B98d3fAFDFEBC8c44BE98126

  • @VeChainOfficial hi sunny, I would like to know if there will ever be any games on the vet blockchain and maybe a casino application or sports betting thanks


  • Hi Sunny, will the function swap VTHO --> VET became available in the near future in the app?

    Keep up the good work with VeChain!


  • Hi Sunny!

    With your recent partnership with Walmart China, are there further plans to bring Vechain to Walmart USA?

    Looking forward to the future!


  • Hi, I wanna know more about the wallet roadmap, think it is better to integrate the VeChain scanning function inside it. Is it in the roadmap?

  • @2213938397 钱包里面有可以拍卖和转移的。

  • 陆大:


  • Sunny!

    Congrats to VeChainThor 1 year anniversary!

    The original vision of VeChain is "Building a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem platform to enable transparent information flow, efficient collaboration, and high-speed value transfers."

    I wonder if you have heared of a technique called Secure Multiparty Computation. Using this technique, participants can jointly compute a function over their inputs while keeping those inputs private. I think this technique is very crutial to build a distributed business ecosystem since everyone including big companies considers privacy. This technique can make bussiness happen without privacy leakage. I wonder if VeChain has any plan on this or other related techniques? Thank you!


  • @VeChainOfficial 雷神钱包里边的力量节点怎么出售呢,看到交易市场只可以买,没见出售的地方?

  • Hi Sunny! Congratulations to the progress and I'm so proud to be an early supporter!

    I have several quesitons.

    1. According to VeChain whitepaper Page 97: "Under the audit and supervision of our third-party trusted institution, any net profit will be ultimately distributed back to the community in transparent ways." I wonder how will "any net profit will be ultimately distributed back to the community in transparent ways." be implmented?
    2. According to VeChain whitepaper Page 19, the figure 2.2.1shows the planned 'VeChain Foundation Governance Structure', however till now we couldn't find any indication that this structure is settled as depicted. I wonder if there is a timetable and roadmap regarding this?
    3. From my point of view, the whitepaper is about VeChain Foundation, but the chapter 8 of WP, i.e., "Introduction of the Team and Team Members" section is all about VeChain Tech Company. I'm a little confused about this. I think if VeChain Foundation Governance Structure can be settled as described in WP, this section shall be about the team members of each committe and unit as described in figure 2.2.1.
    4. According to whitepaper Page 101: "The VeChain Foundation promises not to distribute profits or dividends to the founder team, controllers or shareholders in the Foundation." Meanwhile, according to VeChain Finicial Report, each season nearly 500,000,000 VET is distributed, that's nearly $0.008 * 500,000,000=$ 4,000,000. It is said that VeChain has 100 employees, so in average every employee get paid for $ 40,000 a season? Is that too high? Any comment on this?


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