唯链主网上线一周年之中英文AMA马拉松倒计时!Chinese-English Live Broadcast| VeChain AMA Marathon Is Coming!

  • Hey sunny, I only have two questions for you.

    Is there any effort being made by the foundation to get Vechain listed on US based exchanges with full Fiat banking? (Gemini, coinbase, bittrex, poloniex, ect.) If not, is it a compliance issue, or is the Vechain foundation attempting to help oceanex capture more of the market by forcing vechain investors into its ecosystem?

    Thank you for your time. It was a pleasure attending the Vechain Summit in April, and the Vechain NYC meetup in May 2018.

    Good luck!


  • Hi Sunny,
    As you know plair is very behind its road map. And we cand not see any updates at their roadmap in their webpage. I would like to know are still help them as an advisory?

  • Hi Sunny,

    Is there a plan to incorporate oceanex in the vechain wallet?


  • @VeChainOfficial Hi guys,

    What is currently the biggest hurdle or challenges both the Vechain and OceanEx team are facing? Regulations? Convincing companies to use a public chain over a private one?


  • For Vechain:

    1. I was looking into the patents that vechain holds and it seems to dominate china with a lot of great use-cases. Does this mean that any company wanting to use blockchain for those specific use-cases have to use/get permission from vechain?

    2. We know now that Walmart China is using vechain for its food tractability and is live. Is this something they are also looking to use globally depending on the success of Walmart China?

    3. When will we be able to buy some vechain gear? We've all been dying to get some shirts/hoodies 🙂

    4. Why was the decision made to make X-nodes tradeable during such a low point in the bear market? Don't you think that is very unfair to us X-node holders who invested high 5-6 figures for the lockup for a "once in a lifetime opportunity"? Now people can buy X-nodes 10X cheaper which a lot of us are very frustrated about. It would have been more fair to wait until the price was closer to the time of lockup to open trading. Just curious why this decision was made and if there is anything you guys are planning to maybe reward us early investors who never sold our X-nodes. We are the strongest vechain supporters, but we (most I have spoken with) feel burned. Also, this is NOT vechain's fault, but one of the main benefits of the Xnode is pre-sale for ICO's. Unfortunately for us in USA, we lose that major benefit due to our countries regulations. Can anything be done there for us?

    For Oceanex:

    1. We really need stop loss features. Stop limit. Stop market. Trailing stop loss. OCO. Without these things, we can't protect our capital and thus have no incentive to trade on oceanex vs other exchanges that do provide these things. I'm a huge oceanex/vechain supporter, but I refuse to trade on oceanex for this reason. Why do you not have the basic stop loss features? And do you plan on adding them any time soon?


  • I am a Vechain node holder, my mother thinks I am crazy for this. How do I explain Vechain to her??


  • Hi Sunny,

    You already stated you thought Vtho was too expensive for transaction.

    With mainnet booming and 30M VTHo being burned already today, is the foundation thinking about lowering the VTHo transfer cost or increasing the generated VTHo?

    Or what other action will the foundation take?


    Adress: 0x4a315A15d6595583eC5A93523ec0cdb9c34B3252

  • Does vechain plan on being listed on new exchanges? What about listing vtho on binance?

  • @VeChainOfficial said in 唯链主网上线一周年之中英文AMA马拉松倒计时!Chinese-English Live Broadcast| VeChain AMA Marathon Is Coming!:

    Watch Live on Twitter and Yizhibo/Weibo!

    Would love to hear more about United States compliance for US investors. What work is being done to make sure we are compliant. vet address 0x33736878E0CD2483FF71CE667F4c217D5B4E32eb

  • besides supply chain, what major industry use case will Vechain disrupt next?


  • Sunny 你好😉



    我的vet 地址是 0x328fEb5bEc3D5EfA10Aa81c12761b03674Dfc834

    With best wishes,

  • hi,陆大,对于vechain的发展,我非常看好!继续努力!早日达成前五的目标!

  • @VeChainOfficial 我也是从94过来的铁粉,从最开始的镜中月,到现在实实在在的落地,确实非常开心,庆幸自己当初的选择没错,庆幸选择了一个好团队。

  • 94前看好我大Vet投资进来,经历94风潮及17年底的大熊,一直持有我V币并陆继加仓,一路见证了基金会及陆大的努力,一步步稳扎稳打与全球各大公司企业(普华、宝马、沃尔玛等等)合作开展应用。同舟共济,荣辱与共,相信我唯链必将在未来几年大放光彩,高回报我们所有粉丝,祝愿我Vet在未来牛市中爆涨千倍0x418d0a1836f2c4edd78b1797685325ff28ec977a

  • 主网上线一年了有一些疑问萦绕心头

  • ........

  • 您好陆大:我是唯链忠粉一直看好着VET生态项目的发展,为了在你们限期内得到“一生一次机会的X节点”真是砸锅卖铁筹到了X节点,现在并不是你们当时所说的一生一次的机会,现在随时都可以锁仓升级X节点,希望官方对早期锁仓的X节点要有生态项目抢购的优先权,谢谢!钱包地址:0x282b3A1AD46e88E179ef02Cb978418fF064A976D

  • Hi Sunny!

    First of all, thank you very much for giving up your precious time to participate in this AMA, i'm sure i can speak for the rest of the VeFam community when i say we are very grateful for your wonderfully refreshing transparent approach!

    So my questions to you, Sunny...

    In the manic world that is Crypto, what has been your favorite moment as founder of Vechain? i am sure seeing the main net hitting ATH valuable transactions every day this week has to be in your top 3 favorite moments?!

    Aside from the "Carbon Credits" program which i know you are a huge believer in, do you have plans for any other environmental initiatives? Could recycling on the Blockchain ever be a possibility?!

    Thanks again!


  • Have you all experienced any hesitancy from potential US partners due to the current instability of China and US relations? If so, how are you all able to overcome that? Thanks.


  • Hi Sunny, thank you for doing this AMA! My questions are:

    1. Is it the intention of the Foundation to eventually make the identities of the 101 Authority Nodes public or only known to the Foundation? If made public, what is the timeline for being released?

    2. How long is the 5 bil VET X Node Pool planned to be locked up and what is expected to happen with it in the future?

    3. The Foundation has stated "The allocated VET in VeThor Reward Pool [15 bil VET] reduces by 2.5 billion every 6 months, until further notice after 2019*." What is planned for the Economic Node Pool in the future?

  • 唯链2年的忠实粉丝,希望陆总可以为我们小节点谋取更多的利益,让我们有一些优先权


  • 首先感谢唯链基金会及其团队一年来的辛勤付出和扎实有限的落地推广成果!作为经历过9.4的老币友坚定支持公司的工作,一年多时间不短加仓唯链。感谢老白,幻觉,贰文,新ai呐,乖总,hunter等唯链铁粉坚定的信念。希望公司重视国内市场微信微博的宣传,成立101节点联盟和唯链天使👼 联盟,在合法合规的前提下成立自发社区配合市场发展。最后祝愿唯链公司及其合作伙伴越来越好,争取早日成为国际知名高科技企业!0x45c1f301942463203e5812c04f738ae0d8a11cc4

  • 唯链之前到现在一直持有,唯链忠粉一枚,唯链生态发展越来越好,期待唯链更好的发展!为节点也能谋取更多利益,让支持者信心倍增!加油唯链

  • @VeChainOfficial 唯链的社区营销有什么计划吗,对于vet的商业落地我们不担心,现在就是在社区包括B圈外的营销推广这一块,有没有什么计划是不感觉力度比较弱,许多人还并不是非常了解vet0xE73F124C6088fC722eccc3e723D896878816Ef49

  • @VeChainOfficial 最近蛋消耗比较大,后续上线的企业越来越多蛋的消耗会不会不够燃烧?0x5268B27530b34eD5678C75588A70fc4B027068f6

  • 0x7a997909cB0f20560E47bbe3a954Fbfe000A2508

  • @VeChainOfficial

    Hi Sunny,

    How does Walmart get their VTHO’S? do they also have VET or do they have another Vechain option?

    Keep up the great work!


  • 请问陆大,唯链继去年解散官方微信群后,团队是否有重建中文官方微信社群的意愿?是否已有成熟的社群导入及管理方案?

  • vtho在什么外因条件下开始微调日产。使投资者使用者和唯链生态共赢。

  • 我是唯链的忠实粉丝,一直关注唯链的最新动态,一直相信它能够真正的做大做强!好好努力!to the moon!但是,有一点我一直很在意,唯链的宣传在中国的力度不是特地大,社群人员分布不够广,请问项目方有没有什么推广的计划呢?


  • 在把114页的白皮书又读一遍后,我最近才把VET都放在钱包里了,还有二天就能升级做个节点了。如果我想升级到X节点,现在只能买了吗?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Sunny,

    With the launch of products in Walmart, who is leading the marketing for the use of VeChain in Walmart for people who may not be aware of VeChain, or is it a Co-Op? What are some of the methods being used to educate on the use?


  • 我是一个从VET众筹的粉丝!一直支持着VET看到生态发展越来越好了,粉丝也的感受到开心,但是现在还没体现在币价上面比较失望,希望今天VET的市值能够冲上前20名!!! 0x5f2EE9eC07A9a98b71a7BDe67EA3515aF9B9797E

  • 从成为一名X节点开始,一直关心支持唯链的发展。有个想法,希望持有VET的钱包能够获得唯链生态的空投代币,请问团队有没有这一方面的考虑?

  • @VeChainOfficial 陆大大,想问一下现在已经拿下了沃尔玛,那接下来队伍永辉,大润发等国内的大型超市,或者全家,甚至国外的市场,有什么布局吗,是不是会主攻超市等销售行业


  • Good Morning Nan, Great job with OceanEx.

    My question is for you, how OCE Token will increase in value, what plans fot the future of Ocean Ex, to take place in the top 10 ranking Exchange.



  • Hello Sunny. Great work on the Walmart partnership!
    I'm curious about whether there are plans to upgrade the mobile wallet.
    Currently the wallet redirects the user to the 3rd party dapp, but if it was implemented as an add-on feature and users can choose to download it or not, it might be useful in the long run.
    The most wanted feature is in-wallet vtho/vet swap, and if it's not plausible for the team to provide thar feature in the wallet, oceanex or other devs might be able offer from their add-on.

    The above are just my thoughts, and I would like to hear what plans the foundation has for the wallet if the ecosystem were to expand.
    Thank you!


  • @VeChainOfficial

    What were the results from the x-node survey?

    What features/functionality do you plan to give to x-node holders?


  • @VeChainOfficial 陆大大,想问一下继与沃尔玛合作生态落地后,下一步有什么计划吗?还有什么行业想要有突破?


  • @VeChainOfficial


  • Dear Sunny Lu,

    As an VET hodler I feel secure with my investment for a long term hold. As an American, there are a few concerning issues in the short term future. What is being done to work with American regulators? Is there a team in place now that is active working towards clarification on whether VET will be classified as a security? Are you working with CZ to have VET listed on Binance US?

    Thanks! Keep up the excellent work. I love the abundance of updates from the VET team. Helps feel secure with such a speculative market.


  • Hi Sunny,

    Is the collective cryptocurrency up/down price prediction engine, the collaborative piece between VeChain and a team at Dartmouth College, mainly developped to get a better understanding of how the crypto market works with different variables? And to show that Vechain's price (for example) is less affected by only Reddit data/social media than other cryprocurrencies, "thus" could have more value looking at the other variables as well? Or is this engine going to be developped even more to eventually be sold as a product?


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Sunny!

    Firstly - Could you go into more detail regarding the recent cross-chain protocol between VeChain and IBM. And what learnings there have been to inform the future model?

    Secondly - Can you tell us any use-cases being investigated that might surprise the community? Without giving away names of course!


  • 陆大好,还爱不爱我们中文社区啦?^___^

  • Hi Sunny,

    Is the collective cryptocurrency up/down price prediction engine, the collaborative piece between VeChain and a team at Dartmouth College, mainly developped to get a better understanding of how the crypto market works with different variables? And to show that Vechain's price (for example) is less affected by only Reddit data/social media than other cryprocurrencies, "thus" could have more value looking at the other variables as well? Or is this engine going to be developped even more to eventually be sold as a product?


  • @VeChainOfficial Dear Sunny and Nan, thanks for doing this. I'm sure you can ease a lot of minds with your openess.

    I have a question for Nan,

    I'd have heard of Daniel Kelman before when he was working on his Mt. Gox case, and was pleasantly surprised he was working with OceanEx as well. How did you two meet, and how did you know hé was the person you'd need at Oceanex/Bitocean?

    Thank you

  • Good Morning. Congrats fot this Milestone.
    I think this is the best investment i have never made. You says a "Hybrid Solution", that means ( Vechain is working with IBM ). Nine other companies have partnered with IBM in order to realease a blockchain for tracking food globally through its suply chain, that means Vechain maybe partner with those companies too?

    What is the next step for Vechain, will have more partnership or we will enter in USA soil for blockchain solutions too?



  • 陆大你好,随着和沃尔玛中国合作的落地社区都嗨爆啦,但是我还是有个问题想问一下,既然我们和沃尔玛中国有如此完美的合作,那么未来有没有可能把这个模式复制给全球的沃尔玛。因为我们似乎并不满足只和中国的企业有如此爆炸的合作。

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