唯链主网上线一周年之中英文AMA马拉松倒计时!Chinese-English Live Broadcast| VeChain AMA Marathon Is Coming!

  • @VeChainOfficial

    Will VET work towards acceptance in the USA, or will they wait until the governing bodies conclude their judgements on the acceptance of cryptocurrencies and business models?



  • Can you name any of the 500 suppliers that you'll be working with Walmart on?0xE950C23891E41E5bb3fe4a45DdE62752a4BBf9Fb

  • 我想说把红包整给我

  • Is there will be more partnerships like Walmart China launched in the near future? By the way, well done VeChain!


  • 不知道说什么了 一直坚持
    谢谢 陆阳

  • 啥也不说

  • @Rekt_boy team**

  • Have you thought about doing a live on dbet mainnet so you can show off the vechain product to the world and just how wide the use cases are? If you aren't much of a gamer maybe one of your time is 😀

  • VET雷神钱包开发个红包功能!! 地址. 0x5f2EE9eC07A9a98b71a7BDe67EA3515aF9B9797E

  • Hi there,

    Any plans on teaming up with other major companies either in China or other countries such as the U.S?


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  • As you are leading the market ...walmart partnership is great .so would like to know what were the biggest challenges your team faced during initial stage of ico and development of project,...and is there any new partnership announcement pending ,any plan for asian market like india and other.


  • @samthomas what did tic do?

  • Hey Sunny what insight can you give us about the mainnet of your icos. Is Sha and Plair close ? Have you seen or experienced the DBET mainnet? I only saw one retweet I think it would be great to get more people involved.

  • @VeChainOfficial


    Thanks for doing this AMA and congratulations on the great progess.

    Could you expand a bit on VTHO price and liquidity development? You stated VTHO was perhaps too expensive. We see in practice a lot of VTHO is being hoarded. Do you think this might be an issue as more project mature and the Foundation and ANs can't cover all VTHO cost anymore? How do you foresee future entities gaining their VTHO? Any thoughts on automated VTHO to VET conversion?


  • vechain 会越来越好,加油!👍

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  • 唯链加油!!!唯链加油!!!

  • @VeChainOfficial 在17年最高点的时候,劝说一位和三个儿子关系疏远,可怜的还在工作的风烛残年的老人全仓买入了唯链。他也信任我信任唯链真的把所有积蓄从比特币换成唯链了。而后我换了地方工作和他失去了联系。希望唯链可以尽快涨上去。让老人家安度晚年。God bless!

  • Vechain Team,

    I am beyond excited for the future in where we are headed and the position your team has put yourself in to be a big part of it!

    These are exciting times and as a US resident I am hoping to be part of what is to come. With that said...

    Q: Do the current/pending US regulations hold any resistance to what you are trying to accomplish? How can we (as US holders) remain a part of this amazing ecosystem that is being built, and have assurance that those supporting it will be in good standing?

    All the best!


  • how can we buy nfc and use vechain into my product?

  • @VeChainOfficial hi
    I guess I'm the first Deaf person and uses the American sign language to communicate- I tried to watch your live but unfortunately that I couldn't able watch without closed captioning. I have spent thousand hours reading the info about Vechain often.
    Would it be possible to engage with the Deaf Communities? I thought I would love to get involve and provide them a workshop on Vechain. That's where Deaf people would need to know much about blockchain

    Thank you,


  • @VeChainOfficial
    Hello Sunny,

    First of all thoughts are with you and your family. We recently had the same thing happen in our family. Stay strong.
    Second, thank you to you and your team for all the hard work you are putting in. It has been amazing watching VeChain grow over the past several years, very exciting. One question I have is with all the usage of Vechain tools and the VeTHO being used, will the supply of VeTHO be used up too fast and cause an adjustment to the rate at which VeTHO is created by VET holders?

    The rate at which the recent partnerships will increase the trx count, this has been a question that I have been wondering about.

    Thank you!


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  • Q.1 Trustlessness is a goal I hope the Foundation will strive to improve on in the future though.

    Because saying "trust us, we know who they are" means VeChain could run a database instead just as easily.

    So I think they have to endure all these questions about a working PoA as long as they don't disclose as many nodes as possible. We are responsible for making this happen, the AN parties involved should feel the pressure and work towards making it possible to come out to the open.

    Q.2 There are two issues here:

    Current government regulations require companies running Authority Nodes to keep their identities under tight wraps.
    The PoA algorithm requires ANs to be run by entities that are publicly known.
    This is what happens when the wild west of the crypto-sphere bumps up against the bureaucracy of serious companies and serious governments.

    Until the entities are publicly known, the PoA of the network is not fully implemented. I hope that San Marino leads the way to more crypto-friendly regulations, but the current state of affairs is at odds with PoA. We don't have to like it, but that's the reality. It will take some time, but I think we will eventually get the regulators on board.
    Thank You.

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  • You said at the Harvard meetup a while back that the Carbon Bank/Ecosystem was your favorite project -- any more updates you can share on progress in the carbon ecosystem?


  • Will there be any future sub-platforms for content creation (like making videos and live-streaming) on Vechain?


  • IBM has been working with Walmart on blockchain traceability technology since 2016. Now that it is confirmed that Walmart is using Vechain as the blockchain for traceability solution, does that mean Vechain is working with IBM?


  • 从众筹到现在,一直跟唯链一起,知道唯链虽然在币圈发币,但是踏踏实实的做研发,更多的是与传统行业的企业打交道,当然也取得的很多不错的进展,但是最近币价并不乐观。想问的是:
    祝唯链越做越好,价格反映价值,TO DA MOON!
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  • PLA hasn't been doing great. Communication is bad. Project constantly misses on delivering what they have promised. Why do they overpromise but underdeliver? Do you feel they are going to pull a TIC?

    Sunny - why did you delete your tweet about TIC? A little embarrassed maybe? It is still there on the web though - https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:h8JZMb7bEBcJ:https://twitter.com/sunshinelu24/status/1095332368192135168+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

    Your comment - "TicTalk was one of early invested and sponsored project by VeChain Foundation and focus on China social app and market since the beginning. I like their strategy of doing first and talking later. Try to download the app and see."

    So the foundation sponsored a scam? Sorry, had to ask since you seemed to appreciate the project


  • Hello sunny! First of all, I wanted to tell you that you are doing a good job! it's beautiful what you and your team do for the project, always so many surprises, thank you again.
    Well, I see that all my questions have been posted here, so I should have my answers, but I'm still going to add a funny little question ^^ is it true that there will be a Netflix series related to altcoins and of course, would you be one of those people interviewed in this documentary ??
    Thank you for your reply! Long life to vechain !! Very good continuation 😉


  • Can you please explain how utility will impact the price of VET?

    Thank you! Keep up the good work!


  • Hello Sunny,

    最近听说Vechain 跨链已经默默做好,能不能分享一跨链场景 和对未来功能性能的提升?


  • @VeChainOfficial
    Do you see Vechain as an important actor to help to achieve the Sustainable Development goals of United Nations before 2030?

    Insanely great work!


  • My heart goes out to you and your family Sunny ! Thank you for everything you do for VeChain and the community !

    Has DDV been implemented into anything that's been on-boarded and already burning that sweet sweet VTHO or will it be in the future ? Realize it's mentioned in Plair whitepaper and EdgeChain. Can you disclose any examples or give any details ? Thank you for your time ! Gotta love 8Hours ! 🙂


  • Weldone Sunny!
    I think they have all asked possible questions I have in mind.

    Let's keep listening!!!

  • @Yezek done.

  • With decent.bet being the first mainnet dapp on the platform, and likely to be for some time, are there any plans to use vechain's significant reach to spread the platform further to grow the VIP180 userbase as a whole?


  • When is bulletproofs going to be live on the mainchain?

    Also, on a related note, a long time back it was said VeChain is GDPR compliant. How could right to forget be implemented on the blockchain with projects like VeVid?

    Privacy is a big concern these days. Glad I am on the VeChain train.


  • My man Sunny, keep up the good work, we are behind you, should we go all in on Vechain?

  • what can you tell us about the future of vechain and crypto as a whole? how will this coin become more mainstream as crypto becomes more popular? Also, what makes vechain unique and more valuable than the other thousands of alt coins?



  • Can you share anything that came out of the survey you did intended to make x-nodes more attractive?


  • Hi Sunny,

    Long time X node holder here. There was a Google questionnaire that was published to get feedback on what improvements could be done for X node holders. Is there any update on this and what plans does the foundation have to reward long time X node holders?


  • Hi Sunny and team!


    Glad to be a part of Vechain, it feels like being part of the next BIG THING!

    Sunny - Do you see Vechain as an important actor to help to achieve the Sustainable Development goals of United Nations before 2030?

    Insanely great work!


  • Will there be an auto-reinvest option in the VeChain wallet to convert VTHO to VET soon?

  • Dear best Sunny,
    looking back to one-year activity on the mainnet, which is your most favorite achievement (technical and business-wise) since June/July last year?

    Greetings from The Netherlands 😊,


  • Thanks for everything you do to make this a wonderful project.
    I have a question about Libra and its impact on the broader crypto space. As Peter wrote, Libra is in some ways similar to VeChain. Both are consortium chains. But Libra goes out with a huge installed user base already. How do you see VeChain competing with Facebook that has enormous resources?


  • Will vechain be used as inventory management for stores? Like could items be marked as sold on the blockchain? Stores, when doing inventory, can scan all the tags of the items they have to see if they match the sales they have, any they have missing could be forwarded to the police with the unique ID. Is this a reasonable use or not the intended purpose?


  • Hello Sunny and the team!

    How do we get VeChain hoodies? I would like to order one hehe

    Healthy eating is trending in USA, implementing Vechain in organic supermarkets like Wholefoods to track the source of the food would be so amazing and I believe it can really catch fire. Keep on the great work!


  • Good morning everyone!

    I got a question so here it goes.

    What will happen with us x-node holders who held through the storm as there are words on the street that we could get some kind of compensation?

    Thanks for all you do Sunny and Vechain team!!



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