唯链主网上线一周年之中英文AMA马拉松倒计时!Chinese-English Live Broadcast| VeChain AMA Marathon Is Coming!

  • Weldone Sunny!
    I think they have all asked possible questions I have in mind.

    Let's keep listening!!!

  • @Yezek done.

  • With decent.bet being the first mainnet dapp on the platform, and likely to be for some time, are there any plans to use vechain's significant reach to spread the platform further to grow the VIP180 userbase as a whole?


  • When is bulletproofs going to be live on the mainchain?

    Also, on a related note, a long time back it was said VeChain is GDPR compliant. How could right to forget be implemented on the blockchain with projects like VeVid?

    Privacy is a big concern these days. Glad I am on the VeChain train.


  • My man Sunny, keep up the good work, we are behind you, should we go all in on Vechain?

  • what can you tell us about the future of vechain and crypto as a whole? how will this coin become more mainstream as crypto becomes more popular? Also, what makes vechain unique and more valuable than the other thousands of alt coins?



  • Can you share anything that came out of the survey you did intended to make x-nodes more attractive?


  • Hi Sunny,

    Long time X node holder here. There was a Google questionnaire that was published to get feedback on what improvements could be done for X node holders. Is there any update on this and what plans does the foundation have to reward long time X node holders?


  • Hi Sunny and team!


    Glad to be a part of Vechain, it feels like being part of the next BIG THING!

    Sunny - Do you see Vechain as an important actor to help to achieve the Sustainable Development goals of United Nations before 2030?

    Insanely great work!


  • Will there be an auto-reinvest option in the VeChain wallet to convert VTHO to VET soon?

  • Dear best Sunny,
    looking back to one-year activity on the mainnet, which is your most favorite achievement (technical and business-wise) since June/July last year?

    Greetings from The Netherlands 😊,


  • Thanks for everything you do to make this a wonderful project.
    I have a question about Libra and its impact on the broader crypto space. As Peter wrote, Libra is in some ways similar to VeChain. Both are consortium chains. But Libra goes out with a huge installed user base already. How do you see VeChain competing with Facebook that has enormous resources?


  • Will vechain be used as inventory management for stores? Like could items be marked as sold on the blockchain? Stores, when doing inventory, can scan all the tags of the items they have to see if they match the sales they have, any they have missing could be forwarded to the police with the unique ID. Is this a reasonable use or not the intended purpose?


  • Hello Sunny and the team!

    How do we get VeChain hoodies? I would like to order one hehe

    Healthy eating is trending in USA, implementing Vechain in organic supermarkets like Wholefoods to track the source of the food would be so amazing and I believe it can really catch fire. Keep on the great work!


  • Good morning everyone!

    I got a question so here it goes.

    What will happen with us x-node holders who held through the storm as there are words on the street that we could get some kind of compensation?

    Thanks for all you do Sunny and Vechain team!!



  • @VeChainOfficial

    Love the progress VeChain has made in the last year. I firmly believe VeChain is the crytpo project with the best utility and real world application. Any plans to expand and open an office in the United States? I am impressed with the work of Jason Rockwood and believe he and others as well as a new office in the U.S. can accelerate the growth of the VeChain ecosystem in North America.



  • @VeChainOfficial

    I've seen information on a clear, undectable application that is scannable on products. Do you have more information on that? I've never seen a demo on it, do you have one or are there live products with it being currently used?



  • Good morning Sunny from the East Coast,

    Just wondering if there are any plans for VeChain adoption in the USA? Would love to see some VeChain products here in the East Coast!


  • I was wondering if there are still plans to implement VET/VTHO swapping or trading from within the official wallet? 0x120dc34136Ce24A27e2E9694Fd47Bd8Bb24Ba52a

  • 我想问VTHO的燃烧机制会有大幅提升吗,现在主要燃烧在哪些方面

  • Hi Sunny and team,
    About partnerships, could you tell us which ones are active and running and what are the advantages going to be from those?

  • @VeChainOfficial Are there any plans to implement more uses for VTHO in the future?

  • Hi Sunny, I was wondering if there are plans to expand to to East Coast of the US at any point? 0x120dc34136Ce24A27e2E9694Fd47Bd8Bb24Ba52a

  • Hi Sunny,

    Is it feasible to create a blockchain version of a mechanical turk ecosystem on the mainnet?




  • Can you tell us more about your cooperation with Walmart China, what does it mean for VeChian? 0x2C780F3693A1D56aad78Be6D76730e234766aF5b Thank you!

  • @VeChainOfficial @Sunny

    Hi Sunny and Vechain Team,

    I deeply believe that Vechain will be at the forefront of the next technological revolution. I am extremely proud to be here at this moment in time and to contribute to this historical push towards a prosperous future.

    The question I have for you is how does Vechain plan on expanding into the North American (U.S.) market in the near future? And how does Vechain plan on handling such an expansion given the current attitude towards cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption in the United States?

    Thank you for your efforts in pushing the world forward.


  • This post is deleted!

  • @VeChainOfficial Hi team, thank you for taking the time to share info. With DBETs recent launch of eSports skills based gaming, are they the most active VIP token on the network now?

  • Hi sunny, please explain more about the professional service fee you charge (in vet) to clients as documented in the white paper "7.1.3 professional services" and how much VET do you charge ? Tx. You're a brilliant CEO.


  • Hi Sunny and vechain team

    I would like to ask about further plans and ideas to increase the usefulness of the VTHO token


  • @VeChainOfficial No question. just wanted to say keep up the good work
    Thank you.

  • Hey Vefam, awesome for you guys to take the time to do this AMA Marathon! Looking forward to it.

    This one is for OceanEx

    Where do you see CryptoFarm going in the future? In its launch all the lock up periods were sold out in seconds! Do you see this first round as a sort of testing phase, and do you plan on expanding lock up amounts in the future?

    Thank you


  • This post is deleted!

  • Go VeChain Go!

    What was the aim of the posts from the Coca Cola Kid, Sunny?


  • @VeChainOfficial

    Hi Vechain!

    In future when Carbon Credits are fully rolled out will good food choice be incentivised/rewarded? For example, people choosing to eat less carbon intensive products that don't require as much to grow/farm?

    Love what you're doing!

    From an X-Node holder


  • @VeChainOfficial
    Was the Walmart project something that came up somewhat recently or has it been something you guys have been working on for a long time.
    Thanks and great job!

  • @VeChainOfficial 陆总,您好,从唯链和宝马,沃尔玛这些国际品牌合作就一直相信作为一个上海本土区块链创业公司,一定会成为上海区块链企业的领头羊,就一直支持和看好你们,请问上海政府对你们区块链企业是否有支持和优惠政策,你们是如何做到平衡政府监管数字货币和发展的。

  • Hi Sunny,

    I deeply believe that Vechain will be at the forefront of the next technological revolution. I am extremely proud to be here at this moment in time and to contribute to this historical push towards a prosperous future.

    The question I have for you is how does Vechain plan on expanding into the North American (U.S.) market? And how does Vechain plan on handling such an expansion given the current attitude towards cryptocurrency in the United States?

    Thank you for your efforts in pushing the world forward.


  • Hello Sunny,

    Any plans to join Justin Sun's upcoming Charity lunch with Warren Buffett? 🙂



  • Hi @plair_life thanks for the work we understand that a milestone sometimes take time.

    Question to Plair team: may I ask you kindly make a review about the actual state of the project, the partners, how is the situation with valve and if you have a date for the beta realise!

    Thanks and keep goin!


  • Hi Sunny,

    Can we get an update on the cat room? How are the little fellows doing, are they as excited as we are about this main net usage?



  • @VeChainOfficial hey Team congrats to your recent success. Do you have any update on government Affairs like with San Marino?

    What kind of products and services are in the works? Are you working with other governments and what could you bring them?

    All the best and thx you your heart work


  • Hi Sunny


    Thank you

  • @VeChainOfficial

    Hi Team! Hello from Australia.

    Sunny - do you see a need for community token holders once the 101 nodes are established?

    What need is there for community token holders once the consensus model is fully mature?

    *It has been a pleasure watching the progress, over the last two years 🙂


  • Dear Sunny,

    Some telegram admins mentioned that the steering commite recently had a meeting. I was wondering if the outcomes of these meetings are made public (i.e. summary/minutes of meeting) it would be great for the community to get some insight in the things that are being discussed.


  • Hi VeChain team, great job!

    I think that being associated with Walmart is the best. And I have some questions, I would like to know if all these issues have been resolved:
    -Prevent counterfeiting by guaranteeing the legitimacy and quality of the products
    -Product tracking through the supply chain from start to finish to streamline the management of the same chain
    -Provide more information to product buyers about where an item was made, how it was made, and how it was shipped to the store where it was purchased.

  • Hi Sunny,

    Congrats on your continued achievements Vechain! I don’t know how you keep your energy levels so consistent Sunny, thanks for hosting this! Will you share what you like to do to stay healthy with so many constant activities on your daily calendar?

    Having coming from your recently hosted Vechain Summit in San Francisco, Im more excited than ever to be an active member of your roadmap and mission. I’m beginning to meet a lot of people in California who are already investors with VeChain!

    My main question to you is what do you envision will need to occur within the VeChain ecosystem in order to predominantly disconnect from Bitcoin monetary pairing?

    Continued Success,


  • Hello,

    I’m in the United States. With all the current questions about compliance with U.S. regulations, will there be any restrictions to U.S. citizens engaging with VeChain?


  • @VeChainOfficial
    With the recent spike in transactions, will there be a need to increase the generation rate and/or vthor/gas ratio soon?


  • Hi Sunny, thanks for doing this!

    Regarding VTHO token mechanics:
    According to the whitepaper, the steering commite might 1)consider lowering tx cost and if this doesn't have the desired effect, they could 2)consider increasing vtho generation.

    Though both seem to have the same
    goal/impact, why wouldnt you start off by increasing vtho generation instead of decreasing tx cost? Could you share your thoughts about these decisions and what the ideas of the steering commite are? 🙂


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