唯链主网上线一周年之中英文AMA马拉松倒计时!Chinese-English Live Broadcast| VeChain AMA Marathon Is Coming!

  • Dear Sunny,

    Some telegram admins mentioned that the steering commite recently had a meeting. I was wondering if the outcomes of these meetings are made public (i.e. summary/minutes of meeting) it would be great for the community to get some insight in the things that are being discussed.


  • Hi VeChain team, great job!

    I think that being associated with Walmart is the best. And I have some questions, I would like to know if all these issues have been resolved:
    -Prevent counterfeiting by guaranteeing the legitimacy and quality of the products
    -Product tracking through the supply chain from start to finish to streamline the management of the same chain
    -Provide more information to product buyers about where an item was made, how it was made, and how it was shipped to the store where it was purchased.

  • Hi Sunny,

    Congrats on your continued achievements Vechain! I don’t know how you keep your energy levels so consistent Sunny, thanks for hosting this! Will you share what you like to do to stay healthy with so many constant activities on your daily calendar?

    Having coming from your recently hosted Vechain Summit in San Francisco, Im more excited than ever to be an active member of your roadmap and mission. I’m beginning to meet a lot of people in California who are already investors with VeChain!

    My main question to you is what do you envision will need to occur within the VeChain ecosystem in order to predominantly disconnect from Bitcoin monetary pairing?

    Continued Success,


  • Hello,

    I’m in the United States. With all the current questions about compliance with U.S. regulations, will there be any restrictions to U.S. citizens engaging with VeChain?


  • @VeChainOfficial
    With the recent spike in transactions, will there be a need to increase the generation rate and/or vthor/gas ratio soon?


  • Hi Sunny, thanks for doing this!

    Regarding VTHO token mechanics:
    According to the whitepaper, the steering commite might 1)consider lowering tx cost and if this doesn't have the desired effect, they could 2)consider increasing vtho generation.

    Though both seem to have the same
    goal/impact, why wouldnt you start off by increasing vtho generation instead of decreasing tx cost? Could you share your thoughts about these decisions and what the ideas of the steering commite are? 🙂


  • @VeChainOfficial why is it so that people are not either recievingbthe news like walmart partnership or understanding its meaning, which is prohibiting the proportional spike in price.how do you intend to educate people about these partnerships? Also do you think there is price suppression/manipulation by some whales on binance and hoe can it be handled?

  • Could you integrate google translate into vechain world threads?


  • Hi Sunny and team!


    Glad to be a part of Vechain, it feels like being part of the next BIG THING!

    Sunny - Do you see Vechain as an important actor to help to achieve the Sustainable Development goals of United Nations before 2030?

    Insanely great work!


  • Hi Sunny,

    I don’t know how you keep your energy levels so consistent, thanks for hosting this! Will you share with us the secret for you? 👍

    Having coming from the Vechain conference in San Francisco recently, Im more excited than ever to be an active member of your roadmap. I’m beginning to meet a lot of people in California who are already investors with VeChain.

    My question to you is what do you envision will need to occur within the VeChain ecosystem in order to predominantly disconnect from Bitcoin monetary pairing?

    Continued Success,


  • Hi Sunny,

    Will there be any more future benefits and incentive to hold onto xnode? Have been holding a xnode since day one and only got 3700 extra VTHO 😂😥

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  • Will you guys be hiring more team members in the USA anytime soon?



  • Great job Sunny & team!
    Looking forward to what the future brings...

    Sunny, your 'hybrid blockchain' tweet grabbed my attention.
    Is it fair to say that you're considering a private / public hybrid blockchain as a new path forward?


  • Hi Sunny,

    Can you speak on how successful the accelerator program has been for potential developers thus far? How many potential projects have applied?


  • From @gallge

    Is it possible that Binance sees VET and OceanEx is a threat to them and they are actively engaging in price suppression? 0x3dcc19d67ad0815d968fd4224183160d1dc207a3

  • @VeChainOfficial Hi Sunny love what your doing. Can you speak on the x node survey that was done. 0x2fee9AA3a881f6011884C065B1bB92B3e029e6B9

  • Hello Sunny and Vechain team! My question is what is the one addition to the ecosystem within the last year you feel has been the most valuable to the long-term success of the project?

    Thanks and looking forward to the AMA!


  • Hi Sunny,

    Couple of questions:

    • Does Walmart also have a stake in Vechain like PwC does?
    • Is there anything else Vechain will do to keep their big investors satisfied with holding? Especially for the X-node holders?
    • Is there going to be an use case for the $VET token as well? I mean companies need $VTHO but why should they hold $VET and not just buy $VTHO? I get this question a lot.
    • IBM did the acquisition of PwC Consulting, the global management consulting and technology services unit of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Are you on a certain level going to co-operate/partner with IBM? And which new industries are you going to tap into?
    • IBM is working with the private ledger platform Hyperledger, will VeChain be the public/hybrid solution for clients that want to store their information on a public/hybrid ledger?
    • In one of your tweets you mentioned interoperbility, is this possible already? And how would it look like?

    Also, hope your family is doing well and my condoleances to your family.

    With kind regards,


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  • Hi Sunny - DecentBet recently launched their playdecent.gg mainnet. Legal and licensed blockchain gaming like is a key differentiator of VeChain platform. Would you like to say something to that?


  • 全球领先的区块链商品和信息平台 相信的团队
    前几年区块链处于乱世期间 从区块链的2.0出现 让人们看到了概念 意味着区块链可以有更广泛的应用
    不往初心 方得始终


  • @VeChainOfficial 请问陆总,有信心将VET市值推进前10吗?谢谢!我钱包地址:0x49f6e7bF76Da042d9f5f3cAff1590F0dAd3a5729

  • Hi Sunny - Metal Pay just announced the support of VET in its payment app, letting Americans purchase and send VET easily. They also invited their community to the AMA. Will you like to give a shoutout to Metal Pay and its community?

    Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 08.44.28.png


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @VeChainOfficial

    Hi Sunny and Team!

    I feel VTHO liquidity is paramount to keeping the VeChain ecosystem running as a “well oiled machine.” Currently, many token holders are more or less hoarding VTHO rather than pumping it back into the ecosystem. What are your plans for incentivizing / promoting token holders to sell / trade their VTHO?

    Also. June 30 is also my girlfriend and I’s anniversary, but I won’t tell her which anniversary I’m more excited about 😉

    Congratulations on one year guys!!


  • @VeChainOfficial

    Congrats on the amazing year so far!

    1. Sunny - A large part of the community believes that the limited amount of exchanges VET is currently listed on is “hindering” the token, what do you say to this? Is the lower amount of exchanges because it is not your focus, or is it because of the relationship with OceanEx and the commitment to make them the main destination for VET?

    2. OceanEx team - Amazing job on your achievements including the mobile wallet! OCE has been a breakout performer recently, any hints on the future plans for the token? Token burn? Ability to spend it in the upcoming OCE Store? When may we see the store and any hints on what will be in there?

    Keep up the amazing job! And congrats again!!!


  • Hi Sunny and team!

    Glad to be a part of Vechain, it feels like being part of the next big thing!

    Here are the questions: Where do you see Vechain in the upcoming restructuration of the global economy?

    Do you see Vechain as an important actor to help to achieve the Sustainable Development goals of United Nations before 2030?

    Thanks for lead us!

  • 陆总您好。据我了解,唯链科技公司跟合作的对象可能签的是RMB合同,让传统企业无感试用区块链。我想问一下唯链公司赚到的RMB有没有可能会回购vet?谢谢!

  • Hi Sunny , first of all congratulations on the 1 year anniversary I am so glad to be part of this big family

    Q :Can you give us an update on BYD partnership and what we should expect the next 6month
    Q : Is there any chance "AURA" the LVMH private chain will work with Vechain ?

    Thank you

  • Hi Sunny and team!

    With the introduction of hybrid chains, who authenticates the transactions of information between the private chain and public chain. For instance, if a company falsifies information on their private chain, would you be able to catch the bad info while putting it in the public chain?

    Sorry to hear about your loss and I truly hope you are able to take time and mourn.


  • @VeChainOfficial

    Can you explain why VTHO is necessary in the Vechain ecosystem? Also, how will you deal with US regulations such as the SEC?


  • @VeChainOfficial

    A couple questions! 2 business. 1 hypothetical. 1 personal.

    Business 1 - The carbon credit system...How is this being received by nations and corporations? Has further development with UN been specifically geared towards an implementation of the credit system? If so, what is an estimated time line, or quarter, when will see more specifics on the carbon credit system?

    Business 2 - What are some interesting/astounding/strange applications of vechain, or possible applications, that your team has discovered, that you never thought possible or conceived of when starting out with the development of vechain?

    Hypothetical 1- What are some areas of the world/business/society that you would love vechain to disrupt/change/to play a significant role in making better? For example - voting fraud, election funding transparency, university diplomas on the chain, etc.

    Personal 1 - As a man who is constantly traveling, what things do you do to maintain your health, mental balance, and leadership?

    Lastly, Condolences on your loss to you and your family.

    Thanks and take care.

    Wallet address

  • Hi Sunny and Team, Been a long time supporter and think you guys are the most professional and valuable crypto in the space.

    1. Can you talk about starting your own business/franchise in the USA with Toolchain if you want to on board SMEs.
    2. Do you guys plan on having a bigger presence in San Francisco? Since you did the first Vechain Summit there.
    3. How is the Smart city project in partnership with the National Chinese Government in Gui'an coming along?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hey Sunny and Team.

    To me Vechain clearly stand out and I'm so excited for what the future is to bring.

    My question is something a little different how many staff currently work for Vechain and how many days a week do they work? It seems like you guys never stop!

    Vechain wallet address:


  • Sunny, big fan here and holder since the beginning. I bought enough for an xnode as soon as they were announced and have upgraded it multiple times and haven't looked back since. I'm super excited for the future and the team is doing an amazing job.

    That said, if VeChain is about to blow up and take over the entire industry, just nod your head 🙂

  • Good Stuff VeChain Team!

    Will there be additional purposes/uses of VTHO other than facilitating transactions?

    Thank you for your time.


  • @VeChainOfficial

    Hi Sunny,

    Nothing but love for the whole Vechain team! It seems like your so said trillions of transactions are about to become true!

    My question is if you’ll be able to tell us when the Carbon credit system will go live? And another question is how long it Will take before the generation speed of Vtho is altered?


  • At what level in us dollars do you think the tranaction fees should be in the long run?


  • Hi Sunny and team,
    Can you tell us about the state of the solutions you are developing for China’s tobacco industry?
    Will we see transactions on mainnet regarding this soon?

  • Hi Sunny Lu,

    Welldone to your archivement so far! very impressive!

    Just one question : will we have our own Vechain debit card in the very near future ?

  • Hey Team!

    Could you walk us through the lifecycle of a fresh produce that ends up on the shelves in Walmart China? Such as when transactions occur and where and how many transactions 1 product sees in it's life. Thanks! You guys rock!


  • Hi Sunny,

    Can you tell us a little bit more about the state of the Drug and Vaccine Traceability Solution Developed by VeChain and DNV GL? When will it go live?

  • Hi Sunny,

    how many of the 101 authority nodes are already dedicated to other entities and how many are still under controle of the Vechain foundation?

  • Hi Sunny,

    I would like to know the tx/s ratio factor using sidechains vs not using sidechains in VeChain Blockchain

    Congrats for your huuuge partners, and for those enormous who have to come 😏 Beasts! 💪 💪 💪


  • Congratulations for VechainThor 1-year Anniversary!!!
    Great fan from Korea here! And thank you for opening this AMA Marathon.
    I have few questions

    1. Sunny, you mentioned that companies complaining about VTHO being too costly at this price. Do you agree? You said something about ‘micro-adjustment’ Please clarify what it means. Does it mean, foundation is adjusting the price of VTHO?
    2. I think the higher price of VET and VTHO will be hinderance for mass adoption by enterprises. Do you have any plan for enterprise adoption after price of VET gets too high?
    3. LVMH seems it has built its own consortium chain called “AURA” and it says it is based on ETH. Do you aware of that? Is there any plan on cross chain work with AURA? Or do we just lose most of LVMH brands?
    4. Is the Transaction cost by different companies alter by what the products are? It feels like transaction cost by scanning mushroom from Walmart should be different from the Tx cost by scanning a high-end luxury bag or a car.
    5. QR code. What if someone just copy the QR code and make fake wine? Isn’t QR-code not powerful enough from being counterfeited?
    6. Any plan to expand business in Korea?
    7. Any other Korean exchanges ready to list VeChain other than Bithumb, which does not give VTHO back.
    8. Please make a plan for a meet up in Korea!!


  • Hi Sunny,

    Will Vechain implement some kind of voting mechanism for token holders in the future?

  • Hi Sunny,

    Will the carbon reduction project expand to other continents in the near future?

  • Hi Sunny,

    will there be more fortune 500 companies onboarding this year?

  • Hi Sunny,

    Congrats with onboarding Walmart China! does this implecate a cooperation with IBM?

  • "...For example, in a project we just concluded for the European Commission, we developed a benchmark test for comparing different DLT systems and applied it to test and evaluate DLT systems and their applicability to measure and ultimately reduce CO2 emissions of all 296 million vehicles on European roads." http://www.odbms.org/2019/06/on-blockchain-qa-with-roman-beck-head-of-the-european-blockchain-center/
    ... and Sunny attended the copenhagenfintechweek at ITUkbh where Roman Beck is professor for "IT innovation management and leadership"

    Is this a coincidence or is there something brewing ?

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