唯链主网上线一周年之中英文AMA马拉松倒计时!Chinese-English Live Broadcast| VeChain AMA Marathon Is Coming!

  • VeChain AMA Marathon is Around the Corner!
    10:00 AM, June 30th (UTC+8)
    Watch Live on Twitter and Yizhibo/Weibo!

    As always, VeChain places great importance to the suggestions, opinions and criticisms from the community as we put our community's interests first and foremost in our operations.

    To celebrate the one year anniversary of VeChainThor Mainnet Launch and shed more light on the development of VeChain, starting from 10:00 AM (UTC+8) June 30th, the VeChain AMA Marathon will be live on Weibo (唯链科技) and Twitter (@sunshinelu24). Do not miss this opportunity and come join us in this 8Hour long live stream with CEO Sunny Lu and learn about everything that you want to know about VeChain.

    To kickstart the promotion and excitement of this monumental community event, drop your questions here alongside with your VeChainThor wallet address and take part in the lucky draw during the AMA Marathon and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes!



    唯链雷神主网上线一周年之际,北京时间6月30日上午10点整,我们会面向唯链社区发起AMA马拉松(Ask Me Anything 你问我答),唯链CEO陆扬将对社区提出的问题和建议进行回应,并回答大家在这里留言提出的问题。AMA Marathon全程会通过微博 (唯链科技) 以及陆扬先生Twitter账号(@sunshinelu24)中英文同步直播。

    快在这里留下你想提出的问题,同时记得留下你的VET钱包地址,AMA过程中会有Lucky Draw环节哦。


  • Thanks for the great work by you and all of the Vechain team 👍🏻

    I am an Norwegian artist that would like to learn more about how Vechain can be used for authentication of art. Two of my works are already registered on VechainThor using NDCode. Next step is integrating your chips and I would like to have a more technical understanding and wonder if there is some online course or class room course available? If not, is this something you consider to provide in the future?


  • 太阳哥:) 您好!


  • 忘了留地址了:


  • 粉丝如何获得唯链的周边产品?很多铁粉都希望获得一件唯链的T恤,可以给X节点空投T恤吗?:)


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  • @VeChainOfficial



  • One of the core decisions for a decentralized ledger is the decision on what consensus model it utilizes. VeChain 1.0 utilizes a proof of authority model, a subset of PoS with disclosed block producers. There are, however, a collection of newer consensus models coming to market which appear to better solve the trilemma (balance between the number of block producers, scalability and security/safety) than current consensus models (dBFT, DPoS, PoW, etc). The primary example of these are gossip and/or epidemic inspired protocols that are metastable but provide equal or better guarantees in all critical areas. The decentralized ledger space evolves quickly, are there concerns that some current technology will become quickly "aged" or less effective in enterprise and what steps are being taken to ensure the design of VeChain's code base will be able to adopt the most important aspects of those technological shifts. For example, does the Steering Committee have an off-chain protocol in place that defines how the core consensus protocol can or would be replaced or modified?

    It seems many projects face challenges with reaching consensus among their off-chain stakeholders, especially when there may be a conflict of interest. Examples of these are Ethereum migrating from a PoW chain to PoS/Sharded chain and EOS trying to eliminate vote buying to prevent collusion amongst the 21 block producers.

  • Hey guys,

    Thank you for making some of your time for a AMA.

    Earlier this week Sunny posted a Tweet about the protocol that is making cross-chain(interaction?) ![alt text](
    alt text)

    Could you elaborate a bit more on this? Did the devs develop a protocol under Vechain-flag?

    Thanks again guys, for all you have done so far and what is to come.


  • can we get the next AMA during a better timeslot for the european guys? I just woke up here and its almost over already ☹


  • Thanks for doing this AMA Sunny.

    The community focuses on amount of VET in the investor pool whenever a quarterly financial report comes out. In the latest one only 50mil was used from the investor pool which had some people upset. Can you confirm whether this amount was used for two authority nodes? (25mil per node) And do you have a long term plan for how you think you'll use the remaining funds in the pool? Do you think we'll see much of the investor pool go down in the near future?

    Thanks for your time.


  • Where do you think VeChain is in 5 years?


  • Hi Sunny,

    Do you see VET's use as Smart Money as payment for products or services from partners such as BYD, BrightFood or Walmart in the future?


  • Hi Sunny,
    Do you think that VeChain will surpass BTC in terms of transactions in the near future? Do you see any future for coins without real use cases?


  • Hi, Is Europe One of your priority? Any partnership coming from there?


  • @VeChainOfficial Manufacturing industries are now turning to IoT. Does Vechain have plans to introduce blockchain and Vechain to these companies to use? I believe in the great potential of Vechain.


  • How about VeVID? Any news about this ID solution on the Blockchain?


  • @Sunny How will the end game with crypto be in 10 years or what are your long term goals?


  • Hi Sunny, i would love to know more about the possible partnership with IBM. Regards!


  • Hi Sunny, thank you for taking the time and engaging with the community.

    My question is related to VeThor transactions; Currently the average cost per transaction is about 2250 VTHO. Considering that you want to keep costs reasonable for partners but at the same want to promote growth of the $VET economy, do you have a limit set in place for how much VTHO a transaction can cost?

    Obviously we dont want to scare new partners away with high transaction costs, but having having higher VTHO/USD value is good for growing VET demand. So it seems a delicate balancing act.



  • @inmartinez568


  • What do you say to curious potential American investors and regulators who may be a bit hesitant to invest/believe in Vechain given the Chinese government’s involvement /backing with Vechain -and the elevated trade-war tensions between the USA and China as well as a noted track record of chinese backed companies engaging intellectual property theft of US companies. I have many friends here in America who share these concerns. How can we change their minds?


  • 我爱你,陆大大

  • Has there been a client with a unique use case you've onboarded or are in the process of onboarding that you found to integrate with vechain?


  • hi sunny congrat for all vefam sucess !

    Qtum recently implement mimble wimble protocol. Can we expect this kind of privacy solution for vechain and what is your point of view about privavy solution in bloclchain ?


  • @VeChainOfficial 想问下,vechain的101个节点都有哪些机构/个人持有呢 0xaA2F91942317De7F9e6d4c37cF8D8106bf74FBe6

  • 最近还有没有像沃尔马这样的大公司合作的?0xebcBCBC29Ec6364fd74E9e560A071403708f7e79

  • hi,sunny:想问下,vechain的101个节点都有哪些机构/个人持有呢

  • 陆大好!什么时候能满足我们X节点粉拥有一件唯链T恤的愿望呢?0xF45C112268bA053072152C0D5D2BFA841bee9f83

  • 我爱你,陆大大!!

  • Hi Sunny, enjoying your responses. Can you tell me if there is any other partnership bigger than or similar to Walmart coming up anytime soon? Just a YES or NO or even CAN'T SAY should suffice, if you don't wish to give away the name yet.

    Wallet Address: 0x0A12Fd58929d8BD1e1EE4DbA02C749d89Fe39559

  • Hi, just interested in you're thoughts on blockchain being integrated into more applications in everyday life, not so just finance.
    With smart contracts being used for more applications, and what they may be.

    Thanks for you're time

    Wallet address


  • Hi Sunny,
    I would like to know if you have already solved a large part of these problems
    -Prevent counterfeiting by guaranteeing the legitimacy and quality of products
    -Tracking of products through the supply chain from start to finish to streamline the management of the same chain
    -Provide more information to the buyers of products about where an article was made, how it was manufactured and how it was sent to the store where they acquired it.

    Thanks Sunny. 0x7aef646a92b8445b962e1b5ef4ae28decd228572

  • vet什么时候涨到10块😎 0x6c4ad5299577F31111a3631459ad4bD734266f4c

  • @VeChainOfficial @Sunny
    How about forming a community in every country to expand reach to people that are not aware of block chain technology? 0x673c57451b9ed40315d60fe046c4c7db563c7dd2

  • @VeChainOfficial

    Sunny, what was the first time you head about and became involved with blockchain? And what was the deciding factor for you to move into starting VeChain?

  • Thanks


  • Hi Sunny and Nan, thank you for doing this AMA marathon!

    Questions for Nan / OceanEx:

    1. What are some of the future benefits of the OCE token?

    2. Will there be an OCE Token Burn in the future?

    3. What’s happening with the coins locked up in the Cryptofarm?

    And for Sunny / VeChain:

    1. What is the approximate desired cost for one transaction (in USD)?

    2. Is there any progress on the government partnerships like San Marino, China Tobacco or the Smart City?

    3. Will the Carbon Credits be tradeable on OceanEx like a token?

    My VET address:

  • 看好唯链的未来,让我们一起来见证0x344596c39d74a1e047a34b531a87d20c3194dadd

  • Hi Sunny, Can we have a portal compiled with all the suppliers and vendors who are using VechainThor blockchain for supply chain management? in order to easily be able to connect with them and conduct business with Vechain verified products only.

  • OCE上的绑定X节点有什么福利呢?地址。0x5f2EE9eC07A9a98b71a7BDe67EA3515aF9B9797E

  • Hey Sunny,

    Over here in the UK we have the ongoing farce that is Brexit. The politicians believe they can resolve the ROI/NI border using 'technology' go create 'alternative arrangements'. In my head, blockchain would have a role to play in a potential solution. Have you had any discussions with anyone in the UK about this?



  • Hey Sunny!

    Do you know if Oceanex (OCE) tokenomics are going to be released soon?
    Are they going to implement things like token burn? Anything you can say about that?


  • Sunny, do you see direct competitors in an industry , example BYD and New Flyer Inc, being able to use vechain’s solutions at the same time or would it create a conflict?


  • @Sunny @VeChainOfficial Once again thank you I would love to grow this community to its fullest potential, my question is how and what methods have you used to be successful in your career. Besides your fathers amazing advice?


  • 相比于大部分项目,唯链的确像是含着金汤匙出生的孩子。从一开始的高关注度,到现在依旧身居前列的市值,都证明了这个项目的不平凡
    方的初衷 谢谢

  • hello from New Zealand~

    From here in New Zealand, lots of dairy products ships to the entire world especially to china.
    any good news or plans coming up in the future to use vechain eco system for that?

    thx sunny and all the best to the asweome team!


  • @VeChainOfficial 0x28d8f32fe765d8da9d94a05d26b725aaf5ac566d

  • 相比于大部分项目,唯链的确像是含着金汤匙出生的孩子。从一开始的高关注度,到现在依旧身居前列的市值,都证明了这个项目的不平凡
    方的初衷 谢谢

  • @Sunny Thanks for all you do sir. Would love to work in the amazing environment you have created sir.

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