PLAIR and VeChain United as a Single Entity: The Blockchain and Gaming Project that Will Forever Change the World

  • The capabilities of the eSports industry are increasing drastically because of expanding advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies that continue to grow exponentially each year. The first ever ICO on the VeChain platform, Plair, is a cutting-edge solution for gamers who want to experience gaming at the next level. In this article we are going to dive deeply into what makes Plair so innovative compared to its competitors in the field.

    Plair will change the gaming industry forever and will be unlike anything users have ever experienced. Plair Alpha is now live with extremely popular titles such as Fortnite, DOTA 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and PUBG being at the forefront of their initial release. The Plair platform is developing several attributes that simply no other company will able to compete with once the full version goes live; including:

    1.) Live Online and Offline Tournaments with Large Stadium Style eSports Events
    2.) Content Creation Capability and Automated Tokenized Rewards Structure
    3.) eSports Community & Social Interaction Among Fellow Gamers
    4.) Transparent, User Friendly, Decentralized Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem
    5.) Software Development Kit (SDK’s) for Creation of Gaming dApps
    6.) Cutting-edge Technology such as Machine Learning, AI and Big Data Built In
    7.) Fast, Secure System Utilizing Multi-Party Payment Protocol (MPP) Smart Contracts and Distributed Data Vending (DDV) as well as VeVID identity management technology

    The Plair project is being developed in 3 main stages. Currently in stage 1, Plair is focusing on the development and initial build of the platform as well as growing its userbase with the help of VeChain and by utilizing partnership integration and scaling methodologies. In stage 2, the team will spend much of its energy on building a decentralized streaming service as it continues to build the platform’s user numbers. This capability will allow users to watch eSports professionals gaming live in real-time and will also allow users to do the same with other members of the network.

    In stage 3, Plair will focus on building cloud computing solutions that will enable users to play and stream live games while utilizing the combined computing power of others in the network. Additionally, during phase 3, Plair will concentrate on the creation of the Plair Software Development Kit (SDK) which will give other blockchain projects the capability to build additional gaming dApps within the ecosystem. This will create the largest decentralized gaming network in the industry.

    During the initial planning phase of the project the team decided it would be imperative to build the platform to focus on its community, user engagement, technical specifications and overall network scalability. This would allow users to interact with one another through streaming, advanced game play modes, and tournaments, all while participating in the ecosystem in a multitude of ways.

    The Plair website outlines some of these solutions below, “The Plair platform encourages healthy competition with true results and a system that cultivates honest staking to power the amateur eSports market. The platform creates cross-platform interoperability between identity management and matchmaking (VeVID+AI) that enables robust community tools and esports services (team development, coaching, organizational tools, etc.). Through statistical and behavioral analysis tools, amateur players will be empowered to best position themselves for breaking into the professional esports scene, and they will be able to recruit other members as coaches through the platform.”

    The coaching integration feature makes it easier for users to create a massive following and to become eSports influencers that earn a living primarily from gaming. As well, the rewards structure in the form of Plair (PLA) tokens gives prospective users an additional incentive to join the platform moving forward.

    During phase 2 of the project, the Plair development team will focus on building the decentralized streaming network. At this time, the gaming industry struggles with a disconnect between services that are currently provided. Most platforms allow users to only participate in either live streaming or tournament play separately. This is inefficient because prospective users must create an account on multiple gaming platforms. Plair solves this problem by combining both experiences into one.

    The Plair gaming ecosystem runs on the VeChainThor Blockchain and is able to process at least 10,000 transactions per second; this makes the streaming of live gameplay exceptionally fast as the network grows and acquires more users. Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are being utilized to help streamline the platform and create a transparent and seamless user experience. This includes Multi-Party Payment Protocol (MPP) smart contracts and Distributed Data Vending (DDV) to protect user identities and sensitive information. The ecosystem also has a built-in KYC identity management solution called VeVID that helps to signify Plair’s transparency.

    “Plair will build automated decentralized matchmaking and tournament systems that use blockchain technology to be both KYC verified and give users ownership of their personal data, resulting in fast match creation and filling of high-quality instances and tournaments that are governed through decentralized systems. Users will be able to enjoy an array of pre-arranged matches from bracketed, charity to free-to-play. The tournaments will be checked against our pool of decentralized nodes to make sure the game is ready to play. Once a game is completed, our pool of decentralized nodes will automatically check the game results and the winner of the match will be rewarded with the pool size of PLA Tokens sent directly into their in-game wallets.”

    One of the biggest strengths of the Plair project is its partnership with VeChain. However, Plair also has several other strong partnerships within the VeChain ecosystem including cryptocurrency exchange OceanEx and financial services and security partner Safe Haven. Latin American gaming giant Axeso5, and Next Generation Esports (NGE) are also very critical contributors to the Plair business plan moving forward.

    Next Generation Esports (NGE) is helping Plair to create amazing live tournaments moving forward and Asexo5 has a large network of 14 million users in Latin America. The very first live Plair arena tournament style gaming event was held in March of 2019. Future live events hosted by Plair will continue to forever change how gaming fans perceive eSports and help revolutionize the industry moving forward.

    VeChain has several of the strongest connections and partnerships of any blockchain ecosystem in the world. These include automobile manufacturers Renault, BMW and BYD, as well as other major players in various industries such as logistics, supply chain management, and manufacturing. These partners include PwC, Luis Vutton MH, Haier, Made for Goods, DNV GL, DK Schenker and others.

    These partnerships signify VeChain’s ability to leverage their strong reputation and insatiable work-ethic into real results. Plair’s long-term potential over the next several years is unmatched in the industry because of many factors that will put them solely in position as the world’s #1 decentralized blockchain gaming solution. Gaming and eSports within the Plair ecosystem have already began an unprecedented revolution and will continue to re-define an industry that in many ways is still in its infancy. This is just the beginning of the journey. Yet, we must continue to ask ourselves one question.

    Are You Ready to Game?

  • @77marco Thank you fro your insight!! I love the entire VeChain ecosystem!! Have a great day Marco 🙂

  • Now If Plair and Safehaven and Maybe ( Ehrt) Eight hours Foundation could Partner with Microsoft because of Xbox Gaming that would be HUGE as well. Regardless, Keep up the hard work Plair, Safehaven and Vechain, YOURE doing great.

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