VIP 191:Designated Gas Payer

  • Have you guys noticed VIP 191 on VeChainThor Github? Totient calls it “The Key to Mass Adoption”, which open up many new possibilities for developers.

    It’s kind of Multi-party Payment Protocol (MPP) derivative/supplement to cover some fee delegation use cases, like:

    • Multi-clause transactions where each clause is to a different contract
    • Sponsoring a transaction for a specific operation where the sponsor is not the master of the contract

    *Below content is from Totient Medium

    How it works

    VIP191 allows someone other than the sender to co-sign a transaction in order to pay for the transaction fee, also known as a Designated Gas Payer. Both the sender’s and gas payer’s signatures get included with the transaction so that the blockchain is able to discern who the sender is and who is responsible for the transaction fee.
    This enables a 3rd party, such as a dApp or a wallet, to pay for transaction fees on behalf of the sender, while still allowing the sender to maintain full control over their transaction signing and sending lifecycle.


    Two use cases shared by Totient:

    1. Wallets
    Wallets can implement VIP191 to enable the use of dApps with a single token. If the dApp itself does not cover the transaction fee, the wallet can accept any token that the user may hold as payment in return for covering the transaction fee.

    2. Protocols
    Decentralized protocols serve as building blocks to create powerful and secure applications. Paying the transaction fees for contracts not owned by the application isn’t possible with MPP. Using VIP191, a developer can sponsor any individual transaction straight from their dApp so they do not need to worry about being the owner of the contracts that they’re using.

    I am so proud to be a member of VeChain Developer Community.

  • @Jamie awesome!

  • @DrJones666 VIP-191 is a game changer for us at VeriArti. Allowing unique ownership and tokenisation of your digital art has been attempted but always hindered from mass adoption due to the barriers into crypto and blockchain. Now any digital artist can use the blockchain for their own benefit without having to go through any crypto hoops. VIP-191 allows us to do all the work for them! Real game changer for mass adoption in any dApp!

  • Really a great improvement on MPP. Do we have a time frame for when this will be implemented?

  • This really is an ingenious protocol. It tackles one of the biggest roadblocks for mass adoption - crypto ownership. You can’t expect the world to change, Blockchain needs to adapt to the world as it is. By delegating fees this way, VIP-191 allows this to happen. Bravo, this is an amazing addition to VeChainThor’s capabilities.

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