Amazing VeChainThor mainnet code V1.0.8

  • Great Work! I just upgrade the code and want share with you guys!☺

    VeChainFoundation released VeChainThor mainnet code V1.0.8 with below improvements to enhance log query efficiency :

    • Add-pprof flag to support online performance profiling
    • Add-skip-logs flag to allow skipping logs DB rebuilding
    • Optimize logs DB
    • Improve TX propagation


    build from source code

    • make dep

    • make all

    For node which applications runs on, because this update would cause your thor node OUT-OF-SERVICE for up to two hours to rebuild logs database, you need to schedule your upgrading plan properly.

    For Masternode, it is recommended to specify flag-skip-logs at startup to skip rebuilding logs DB, and to avoid OUT-OF-SERVICE. With this flag set, APIs under /logs will be unavailable.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below😀

  • @jasper no impact if you specify flag-skip-logs.✌

  • good to see yet another upgrade, thanks for notifying us here!

    How long will Authority nodes have to upgrade to the new Thor version? Would love to have some more insight on how that process works 🙂

  • Great news! Thanks for the update.

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