How to make client code (dApp) pause until transaction has been confirmed.

  • Hi, i am using connex to sign and commit a transaction to the blockchain. Then immediately after, I am reading that data from the blockchain.
    is there a way to make my dApp wait until the transaction has been confirmed?
    here is the code I have tried:

    const method = connex.thor.account(CONTRACT_ADDRESS).method(abi);
    const clause = method.asClause(newItemCount, owner, approvers, ipfsHash);
    let signingService = connex.vendor.sign('tx');
    let result = await signingService.request(
    comment: 'Batch Creating Items',
    const transaction = connex.thor.transaction(result.txid);
    const txDetail = await transaction.get();
    let receipt = await transaction.getReceipt();


    const method = connex.thor.account(CONTRACT_ADDRESS).method(abi);
    // THIS FAILS if transaction has not yet been confirmed!!!!
    let result = await;
    let tokenId = result.decoded['0'];
    return tokenId;

    immediately after I write to my contract, I need to read what I just wrote. However, I cannot read until the transaction has been confirmed. I need to know how to make my client code wait until the transaction has been confirmed before reading. How do I do that?

  • @Thors_girl Thank You!!!

  • You can write a loop to wait until you get non-null receipt. In the loop, using
    await to efficiently wait for block-chain activity. the code snippet is

  • @kenwoodruff

    const ticker = connex.thor.ticker()

    let receipt = null
    do {
    // need to catch exception
    receipt = await transaction.getReceipt()
    } while(!receipt)

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