Migrating Ethereum contracts to VeChain

  • Any plans on upgrading thor-builtins to solidity 5.x.x?

    i am using openzeppelin's erc721 contracts which use pragma ^0.5.2.

    This looks like it is not compatible with vechain's thor-builtins interfaces which are pragma ^0.4.23

  • @KevinF awesome! they are back and have been helping me out.

  • @kenwoodruff Last week was a national holiday in China, I'm sure the dev team on Gitter will help you with the questions this week. Thanks

  • I noticed that builtins.sol is not exposing the Prototype.sponsor, Prototype.unsponsor functions.

    In order to give my dApp access to those functions I had to modify builtins.sol. I added the following function:

    /// @return the instance of the contract "Prototype".
    function getPrototype() internal pure returns(Prototype) {
    return Prototype(uint160(bytes9("Prototype")));

  • I've already posted several times to gitter, there is very little activity on that channel.

    I am not able to get builtins working with solidity 5. the pragma for the builtins is ^4.24. And I am unable to truffle compile when importing it.

  • Hey, 0.5.2 should work on VeChainThor. it doesn't have compatibility issue with builtin contracts. For detailed discussion, you could join our official gitter channel. https://gitter.im/vechain/thor

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