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    Documentation and Codes


    VeChain Github libraries
    open source projects of VeChain including VeChainThor blockchain:

    VeChainThor Wiki & FAQ

    VeChainThor Core:

    • VeChainThor blockchain source code and deployment guide
    download and deploy a VeChainThor full node.

    • VeChainThor transaction model
    documentation on VeChainThor’s unique transaction structure, fields and features.

    • VeChainThor built-in smart contracts and documentation
     introduction on the 6 built-in smart contracts in VeChainThor and how to use them.

    • Multi-party Payment (MPP)
    introduction on the functions of the MPP which is an unique feature of VeChainThor (Because the transactions on VeChainThor only consume VTHO, when there is no VTHO in the user’s deposit address exchange could set the exchange system address as the payer for the transaction fee to move funds by leveraging the MPP function in VeChainThor).

    • VeChainThor RESTful API in various presentation
     swagger UI, Thorest, thor.yaml


    • Thorify repo
    API reference documentation :
    a Web3 adaptor for VeChainThor RESTful API, Thorify is an extended web3 that sends the request directly to VeChainThor’s RESTful API. So if you are writing applications or scripts executing in Node.js or Browser environment, you should use Thorify.

    • Web3 gear
    a tool to proxy VeChainThor’s RESTful API to Eth JSON-RPC, so if you are writing smart contracts using Remix, Truffle or other tools that use original web3, you should use Web3 Gear.

    • Tools Instruction
    instruction on how to use Java Client SDK or Sync for private key management, building and signing transaction, sending transaction, using MPP function, querying blockchain info and confirming transaction.

    • Java Client SDK
    a collection of Java codes to interact with VeChainThor and access console.

    • Thor-devkit
    typescript library to aid dApp development on VeChainThor.

    • Public VeChainThor Node
    to facilitate developers to play around and test the VeChainThor.

    dApps Development:

    • VeChainThor Development Environment Setup
    This guide will cover the process of setting up your local environment for developing on the VeChainThor blockchain using the standard web3 stack.

    • Comet Compatibility Guide
    Comet is the Chrome plug-in that can be used by VeChain dApps. While Comet exposes the standard (thorified) web3 API, there are few things to keep in mind.
    This guide includes requirements for Comet support as well as some best practices.
    Comet Chrome Extension:

    • Sync powered by Electron
    a dApp running environment and wallet on desktop, compatible with Connex, a newly defined standard interface connecting dApps with the VeChainThor blockchain and users.
    The New Sync User Guide:

    • Connex
    the newly defined standard interface to connect dApps with the VeChainThor blockchain and users, comparable to web3.js. Connex provides a set of well-designed APIs for developers, and with injected Connex Object in web applications they can easily build dApps. Comparing with web3.js, Connex provides streamlined and lightweight methods for dApps.
    Connex API reference:

    Wallets supporting VeChain:

    • Official VeChainThor Mobile wallet:
    • Ledger Nano S
    • Trust wallet
    • Atomic wallet

    VIP180 token contract addresses:

    **OCE: **

    **PLA: **

    **SHA: **

    **DBET: **

    **TIC: **

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