Introduction to SCNU-VeChain Joint Lab on BlockChain Technology and Applications

  • VeChain Foundation and South China Normal University have jointly established a research lab, named SCNU-VeChain Joint Lab on BlockChain Technology and Applications.

    The lab focuses on scientific research on blockchain, research and development on blockchain technologies, as well as blockchain applications. It shows the strong commitment from the foundation to the development of blockchain technologies. The lab is active in both research and the dissemination of blockchain research progress. It releases its research progress on GitHub and publishes reviews on blockchain research regularly.

    Researchers within the lab have been conducting research on a range of problems including network protocols, consensus algorithms, inter-chain integration, and security of smart contracts. The lab is run by a team of ten researchers including three full professors and five associate professors. Their research background spans mathematic, artificial intelligence data mining, security, software engineering, network, and service computing. The lab is currently hosting 27 graduate students, 2 of whom are Ph.D candidates.

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